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    thanks Jim, yes i went ahead and paid for them, incompetence at its best with them Just concerned someone will question his age when we get into the ground or section our seats are in, i'll just tell them what happened no fault of ours still saves us a few quid!
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  4. Campaign Cards

    I would leave it, pay the U16 fee and say nothing. You’ve already told the incompetent twats, so how many more times do they need told.
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  6. Campaign Cards

    i have checked my IFA account after filling in an online form to explain my son is no longer a junior, we are still being billed for him as under 16 not adult not my fault, should i just leave this? its expensive for adult though for a nations league game £55 plus TM fees for Bosnia game? Also we asked to be changed from north stand lower E to kop and heard nothing-no surprise there
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  8. Central America tour

    Someone still had to log in and pay for them? Noticed the names of a few people on the ticket collection sheets who I didn't end up seeing at the games.
  9. Central America tour

    Cheers. The others must have watched the Panama game in an all-night lock-in at Philo's
  10. Central America tour

    Around 100 I reckon, not as many as the IFA apparently stated. I picked up tickets for 6 London NISC members at the team hotel in Panama City, 5 of whom didn't make the trip. It seems the IFA might have mixed up initial 'expressions of interest' with actual ticket purchases.
  11. Central America tour

    How many fans did we have at the games jcm? Looked lively on the highlights
  12. Central America tour

    Did the Tarzan swing in Monteverde too. Downpour throughout the zip-lining, soaked to the skin. I have to say one massive plus during the trip was not hearing NS during GSTQ in San Jose - the first time I've experienced that at any N.Ireland match. I guess the solitary idiot who uttered the words in Panama City thought better of it or maybe he only did the one game.
  13. Austrian National Team

    Austria beat 3-0, Nadal won the tennis and Scotland won ODI. You’re up to date....
  14. Austrian National Team

    think i'll watch neither Jim, Scotland have set England 372 to win the ODI
  15. Austrian National Team

    They play Brazil at 3:00pm today. I'll probably watch it rather than the tennis.
  16. Central America tour

    that sounds amazing, what an experience... Love hearing about trips like that rather than just beer guzzling. Costa Ricans must've been v.surprised to see so many NI fans there....hats off to all those GAWA who made the long journey
  17. Central America tour

    Aye, some trip that, what an experience. Spent an evening and night in Leiden on the way out, nice place, better option than going into Amsterdam. Panama City was nice, interesting sights, Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo, Miraflores Locks, the Causeway. Doubt I've sweated so much at a football match in my life though and that includes all the ones I played in. That was some pre game show by the Panamanians too. Stayed in La Fortuna in Costa Rica for three nights. Could see a volcano from my hotel room door, swam in waterfalls, kayaked past crocodiles, hiked volcano trails, walked hanging bridges over a forest canopy, watched a family of monkeys swing through the trees, saw sloths, odd red and blue frogs, snakes, iguanas, etc. Brilliant area to stay in, so much to do, and going by other people's photos and stories it's not the only area in the country like that. Would definitely like to go back and do a bit more of Costa Rica some time. Locals (and Venezuelans, who seemed to make it up most of the bar staff in Panama) were superb, so friendly and helpful. One example, we got a taxi from La Fortuna to La Fortuna waterfall a few miles outside of the town. When we got there the taxi driver wouldn't take any money but gave us his phone number, said to give him a call when we were ready to go back, he'd come pick us up and we could pay him then. Had some lovely craft beer which was unexpected. San Jose was a bit of a kip as hughes18 says, (ATMs shut down at 10pm to try to cut down on robberies) but by that point I'd already done more than expected on the trip so it didn't really matter. Couple of brilliant days' and nights' crack on the piss in San Jose around the Costa Rica game. Decent performance vs Panama, lacked any quality in the final third. Costa Rica were better than Panama, NI played very poorly, odd kick off time and the conditions were not a good combination for the the second game. Hard to see what MON learned from the two games but that's probably not the point. 26 hours door to door to get home.
  18. Campaign Cards

    We gave in and paid for our grandstand tickets this week after a bit of consideration. As you said £46 to watch a game is expensive in NI. At the moment as the team are on a roll we didnt want to take a chance and miss a game after all these years however it will be interesting to see if there will be many empty seats in the grandstand blocks as I can't see too many queuing up to buy them-hope I'm wrong.
  19. Central America tour

    Only went to Costa Rica but may as well... BEST Costa Rica is class once you get out of San Jose. Wildlife in Tortuguero, waterfalls and the volcano in La Fortuna, zip-lining and the cloud forest in Monteverde. The Tarzan Swing there was without doubt the most terrifying thing I've ever done. Not your average away trip activities. People were dead friendly, gave us directions and tolerated our terrible Spanish everywhere. They seem genuinely excited for the WC, AliExpress-esque fake tops in every shop! Ozzy's sports bar in SJ was some steam the night before the game. Shots and bottles of vodka aplenty. About 20 of us walked in (wearing green) and the staff put some fiddle-de-dee music on - Moby had changed it to SLF within about 30 seconds. Got engaged (not at the game or anything daft like that). Pleasantly surprised the ring remained intact after 12 days in a rucksack. WORST San Jose is pretty uninspiring. Stadium was nice but it's basically just a crumbling car park. Every other business is a mechanics/garage. 11am kick-off and the subsequent performance. No time for a football match, for hungover fans or energy-sapped players. 28 hours door-to-door to get home.
  20. Campaign Cards

  21. Campaign Cards

    I'm classed as grandstand in block j in north stand upper tier. Basically my seat is in line with the halfway line and I think it's just our block and the two either side
  22. Campaign Cards

    Remind me, what is classed as "The Grandstand"? The entire North Stand or just certain sections? Grandstand prices are around 80 quid more expensive than general admission if going for Gold membership... 60 quid or so for Silver. £326 for gold membership in Grandstand, 7 games, £46.50 per game on average.
  23. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    That would be a difficult situation for the forum’s terrorist sympathising anti-semites.
  24. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    The yellow feckers won't be near the place. They think the national stadium is in Dublin sure.....
  25. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    On a serious note , I would guess there is no chance of sinn fein or anyone else protesting the game. Would turn nasty I'd imagine
  26. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Apart from goin to the match cause im a NI fan, i want to go even more now if it irks sin fein barstewards on any way.
  27. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Given that Gary McAllister performs the fairly thankless task of being the voice of our fans (and I'm sure gets pelters from some of them when they disagree with him) there's really no excuse for giving a self-appointed mouthpiece, in both senses of the word, like Bryson air time. Just lays bare the desire among the broadcasters to stir up controversy and drive traffic/revenues. Which is understandable, if distasteful, among commercial media, but utterly inexcusable at the poll tax funded Beeb. Might the Amalgamation consider a policy of non co-operation with any outlets that use Bryson to comment as a somehow representative NI fan?
  28. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    If the press are going to ask Jamie Bryson to speak on our behalf I'd rather the match was postponed so they have nothing to ask him about. He really is a hateful c*nt
  29. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    All part of the general erasing/re-writing of the past, of which SF/IRA are the undisputed masters.
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