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  2. Central America tour

    Slightly surprised that Ben Reeves hasn't been called up - maybe he's on his hols. Great opportunity for Paddy McNair to continue his late season form in centre midfield, with Stuart Dallas, and Corry Evans alongside. Assuming we play 5-3-2 / 3-5-2.
  3. Central America tour

    Watson at the City Airport now as well as William Cherry and quite a few of the squad.
  4. Central America tour

    And that is all of our first choice midfield now missing, Thompson and Whyte should get plenty of game time now. Interestingly our squad is now made up of 20 NI born players and 2 English born, it is a very long time from we had a squad made up like that.
  5. Central America tour

    Geordie Saville out to be replaced by Ryan McLaughlin.
  6. Central America tour

    I noticed this morning on the BBC sport schedule that there is a MOTD next Monday or is it Tuesday covering Mexico v Wales. No mention of our match.
  7. Last week
  8. Central America tour

    Lol unless you want a detailed rundown of the wildlife I've seen or which restaurants have taken my girlfriend's fancy then I doubt it would make for much of a read. And I'm not even going I Panama - part-timer! Mark McIntosh from The Sun and Liam Blackburn of PA would be the most likely to, but the honest answer is I don't know. I'm a journalist, albeit not a football one. Maybe I've missed a trick there (or maybe I'd rather just enjoy my holiday lol). Maybe I'll tweet live updates.
  9. Central America tour

    Or not making the long trip to Kiev, it seems: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-44241955 Anyhow, hope all the GAWA get out to Central America and come back on schedule.
  10. Central America tour

    Here's tomorrow's forecast for you.
  11. Central America tour

    BT has a story about NI based Liverpool fans making the long trip to Kiev...
  12. Central America tour

    I know he's not a journalist but Watson definitely won't be there as he'll be rammed up McIlroy to about the ninth rib at Wentworth.
  13. Central America tour

    Which NI football journalists will be in Central America covering these matches?
  14. Central America tour

    Hey Hughes18, any chance of u doin some regular snippets, as above. Makes us home birds feel a bit closer to the action. aubrey
  15. Central America tour

    It's very, very bloody warm here for anyone travelling out. It also completely lashes it down without warning. Agree with JCM that San José didn't look up to much, we headed straight for one of the national parks, which are pretty stunning really.
  16. Central America tour

    Brilliant to see them both added to squad
  17. Central America tour

    I was hoping to see him. Glad for the two youngsters getting added to the squad though.
  18. Central America tour

    That's wild unfortunate about McGeehan, wild unfortunate.
  19. Central America tour

    Jordan Thompson and Shayne Lavery called up to replace Cameron McGeehan (injured) & Ollie Norwood https://www.irishfa.com/news/2018/may/shayne-lavery-and-jordan-thompson-called-up-to-northern-ireland-senior-squad?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  20. Score Prediction v Panama

    3-1 defeat. We never do well in those away friendlies in America. Apart from the Caribbean games, have we ever even won in mainland America?
  21. Central America tour

    Sounds like a great turnout Sam but unfortunately my (nearly) five month trip to S E Asia put paid to this one - ah well, you can't be everywhere.
  22. Central America tour

    140 is the total I've been given, which if true is staggering and impressive!
  23. Central America tour

    would love to be going but couldn't talk the wife into this one, Cuba later on in the summer instead...
  24. Central America tour

    Pathfinder already here. Whoever's making it over, best to bring a robust anorak and get (the feck) out of San Jose if you can - seems to be just traffic and CO2. Super out in the sticks though. Off to watch the Costa Rican Cup Final now with a couple of locals. Vamos Saprissa!
  25. Central America tour

    I saw a battery of folk at Aldergrove yesterday morning decked out in their GAWA finest - I wonder was that the advance party heading out (although I have to admit I didn't recognise any of them).
  26. Score Prediction v Panama

    not our strongest squad by any means, think we may nick it but going for a 1-1 did i read correctly Kick off is 2am uk time!
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