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  2. Starting XI v South Korea

    Definitely does, I'm not bothered about these pull outs at all
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  4. Starting XI v South Korea

    I actually think it makes it more interesting to see a few new/newish faces. And if even only one* of them takes to the team and international football like eg Saville has done, then that will be a real bonus. * - Jones? Lewis? Smyth even?
  5. Starting XI v South Korea

    Boyce, Washington must both get decent game time then, with Laffs out and no Grigg. Saville chance to run the midfield, Jones in for McGinn, Lewis for Dallas, Smyth to make a cameo? Will be an interesting afternoon.
  6. Starting XI v South Korea

    Ah balls! Was looking for to seeing him.
  7. Starting XI v South Korea

    He's suspended for Iceland on Monday night I think so doesn't need to be rested for it.
  8. Starting XI v South Korea

    The two aren't mutually exclusive. Linfield Instagram congratulating him on being called up to the senior squad and Baraclough hinting he could get game time too.
  9. South Korea

    Quite ironic actually as I was in the exactly same area when Ards played the Glens Seconds in the final of the Steel and Sons a few years back and I rang by brother every ten minutes or so for an update - Ards got tanked but that's the year the Glens played a 'ringer' and the trophy was taken off them but for some reason wasn't awarded to Ards. At least this time I'll be able to follow the game on the 'net but with those ladies about I mightn't have any spare hands left to check my IPad 😳
  10. South Korea

    Yes mate keep the head up and dont let it get to you that you wont get to see it! πŸ˜‚
  11. South Korea

    Probably a better chance here then 'donaghy' - I'll continue my quest but I looks like I'll have to settle for the girlie bars down at the Thai Boxing arena to while away the night πŸ™„
  12. South Korea

    You would probably struggle to find a city centre bar in belfast who would be willing to show the match on saturday afternoon in case it offends someone.
  13. South Korea

    Trying to find a bar here in Chiangmai in northern Thailand showing it - drawn a blank so far unsurprisingly πŸ™„
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  15. South Korea

    I've been saying it for years now, but Belfast, like eg London, Glasgow, Liverpool or Manchester, is and always has been a proper football city. All it needs to get people to attend in good numbers is a good manager and backroom set-up, which produces a competitive* side, playing in facilities which are up to contemporary standards. I mean, we took 20k(?) to France less than two years ago. * - Not necessarily a winning side
  16. Starting XI v South Korea

    Carson McLaughlin Cathcart J. Evans Lewis Magennis Saville McNair Norwood Jones Washington Davis & Lafferty out huge blows for us
  17. South Korea

    Will you be able to park on the Boucher road on Saturday?
  18. Starting XI v South Korea

    Carson McLaughlin / Cathcart (if fit) / Evans / Lewis McNair Norwood / Saville Ward. Jones Washington The starting lineup I would like with injuries factored in.
  19. Starting XI v South Korea

    That’s a decent side. I would like Carson to play a half too.
  20. South Korea

    Unbelievable for a March friendly against South Korea, really looking forward to seeing Jordan Jones, this guy looks the real deal at club level, think he could be a real star in a green shirt.
  21. South Korea

    Match now a sell out! Great stuff. Friendlies are traditionally terrible but for some reason I'm quite looking forward to this one now!
  22. Starting XI v South Korea

    at this rate will we have 11 fit players? saying on UTV sport Laffs, McGinn, and Dallas all out is that definite? confirmed below: Northern Ireland captain Steven Davis, Kyle Lafferty, Stuart Dallas and Niall McGinn will miss Saturday's friendly against South Korea at Windsor Park. Southampton midfielder Davis was first to withdraw from the squad because of a hamstring injury. Davis has missed Southampton's last five games with the injury. He was followed later on Thursday by Hearts striker Lafferty (thigh), Leeds United winger Dallas (thigh) and Aberdeen's Niall McGinn (groin). The withdrawals mean manager Michael O'Neill could turn to the U21s to swell his squad. Lewis targets 'amazing' debut for NI New deal gives O'Neill World Cup chance NI keeper Carson eyes place on village mural However, he is unsure if he would actually select any of Ian Barraclough's players given the senior game is sandwiched between two huge U21 qualifiers, against Spain and Iceland, in their bid to reach Euro 2019. "We have to be careful with the players given the time of year it is and the nature of the game. "The game will provide an opportunity for some of those players like Jordan Jones and Jamal Lewis and one or two others. "The U21s play on Thursday so there is always the opportunity to add one or two of those players from that squad into the senior game as well. "If an U21 player or players come in, it won't just be for the experience - it will be because we believe they can contribute as well. They also have a game on Monday so we also have to balance that." Northern Ireland squad: Goalkeepers: Michael McGovern (Norwich City), Trevor Carson (Motherwell), Conor Hazard (Falkirk on loan) Defenders: Aaron Hughes (Hearts), Gareth McAuley (West Brom), Jonny Evans (West Brom), Craig Cathcart (Watford), Conor McLaughlin (Millwall), Lee Hodson (Rangers), Paddy McNair (Sunderland), Jamal Lewis (Norwich City) Midfielders: Oliver Norwood (Fulham on loan), Corry Evans (Blackburn Rovers), Shane Ferguson (Millwall), George Saville (Millwall), Jordan Jones (Kilmarnock) Forwards: Josh Magennis (Charlton Athletic), Jamie Ward (Cardiff City on loan), Conor Washington (QPR), Liam Boyce (Burton Albion)
  23. Starting XI v South Korea

    I hope not. He is needed for the U21s tonight.
  24. Starting XI v South Korea

    McGovern McLaughlin McAuley Evans Lewis Ward McNair Norwood Saville Jones Washington
  25. Starting XI v South Korea

    If they all don't make it, it will be nice to see a few of the younger/new players get a run out. Obviously would be good to win the game but seeing how the new guys fit in might give the game a bit more interest from a normal type friendly.
  26. March Friendlies?

    Wales 4-0 up at H-T (Bale 2, Vokes and Wilson) You can get BBC Wales coverage on the BBC website - commentary in Welsh btw: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cymrufyw/byw/43488911 (Handy Hint: The Welsh for "China" is "China")
  27. Starting XI v South Korea

    Davis ruled out and doubts over Lafferty, McGinn and Dallas
  28. March Friendlies?

    China v Wales live on BBC1 Wales @ 11.15am for anyone who's interested.
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