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  2. Central America tour

    Head's up, you need a yellow fever vaccination certificate if travelling to Costa Rica via Panama, don't think you need it if you're just doing Costa Rica (depending on your flight route). Vaccination isn't available on the NHS either, so stings the arm and the pocket.
  3. Central America tour

    That's some route JCM! Buses seem to be superbly cheap in Costa Rica, if slightly infrequent.
  4. Central America tour

    Itinerary fine-tuned, mucker. London - San Jose (via Paris) - La Fortuna - Monteverde - Quepos - San Jose - Panama City - Match - David - Boquete - Bocas Del Toro - David - Panama City - San Jose - Match - London (via Panama City and Amsterdam). 17/18 days.
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  6. Central America tour

    I suspect that when you get your ticket and convert the local currency to GBP that you may change your mind on which FA is doing the milking........................
  7. Central America tour

  8. Central America tour

    Nothing in the email. Lead block bookers have until 19th April to express an interest and will be notified of priority booking information no later then the 23rd of April.
  9. Central America tour

    What are the details (e.g. sale dates) for an independent booker who didn't get the email?
  10. Central America tour

    Aye seen it now. £22 for CR and £20 for Panama, bit steeper than you'd have liked but I suppose with both teams going to the World Cup their FAs will be trying to milk their fans for all they can get.
  11. Central America tour

    Yes, I got an email about an hour ago.
  12. Central America tour

    Has there been an email to lead bookers? I was told about the 11am thing last week but hadn't seen it publicised anywhere.
  13. Central America tour

    Surely cant be at 11am.....
  14. Central America tour

    That'll be an odd experience.
  15. Central America tour

    Panama 2000 Costa Rica 1100 local time. so..Panama 0200 and Costa Rica 1700 UK?
  16. Central America tour

    The 19:45 kick off time is the default time on the IFA website when any fixture is announced, it will be changed when the kick off time is confirmed.
  17. Central America tour

    So more like the Chile/Uruguay games last time around midnight/later......?
  18. Central America tour

    We play Panama on a Tuesday, and Costa Rica on a Sunday. With something like a five hour time difference (behind us) I can't see the kick offs being 19:45 our time. Certainly not for the Tuesday match anyway.
  19. Central America tour

    Both 1945 on the IFA website. Unsure if that’s UK though.
  20. Central America tour

    Hopefully on Freesports as well.
  21. Central America tour

    Neither kick-off time has been confirmed publicly yet.
  22. Central America tour

    What time is the kick off UK time?
  23. Campaign Cards

    Think it's for Newbies to register interest atm.....
  24. Campaign Cards

    See there's a link about campaign cards on website, https://www.irishfa.com/tickets/campaign-cards but I haven't received any email details of it, has anyone else?
  25. South Korea

    I normally park on the Boucher Road but because I had plenty of time i decided to park in the city at the Great Northern car park and walk out to the ground. £2 for 4 hours parking wasn't too bad. Came back to the car and got back onto the west link via the Grosvenor road then onto the M1 with no hassle at all.
  26. South Korea

    Ya gotta be crazy to try and park around that area,just park in the town and walk it, even after the game it would be a nightmare for me haha. id rather be on foot than live on my nerves driving through all that nonsense.haha
  27. South Korea

    Parked on one of the side streets off the Lisburn Road facing Malone Road and it was manic about 30 minutes before kick off. First time I've driven in a long time and the only reason I didn't take the train was because of a youth game in the morning which left me tightly squeezed for time.
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