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Forum Rules

This is a football forum, those coming on using football as a cover for a political agenda will not be tolerated.
This is a football forum, so you really should be posting about football more than anything else.
Multiple posts hidden or deleted by moderators due to content could result in suspension.
Keep club banter to just that, banter!
Any comments considered libelous by Admin will be deleted.
If posting something from another media source, credit the source and link to it.
No Nokia speak. Not only looks stupid but dilutes any valid points in your post.
No derogatory comments, personal threats, personal abuse or harassment against other posters.
No irritating posting styles, including use of all caps and excessive punctuation.
No ‘commercial’ posts without authorization from the Admin.
Keep your Avatars clean; remember children look in on this forum.
No graphics in signatures.
No excessively large text in signatures.
Keep your signatures to a reasonable length, 2 or 3 lines at most.
Signatures are just that NOT means for you to get a ‘free’ gift or a free advert.
You may only register one user name. Multiple IDs are not allowed.
No personal contact information is permitted. We value your privacy even if you don't. If you want people to get in touch, ask them to send you a message through our PM system.
PM’s are private messages between you and another person or persons. It is against the rules to post PM’s on the open forum without the consent of all parties involved in the private conversation. However, if you feel you have been abused via the PM system, please report it to a member of the Admin Team.
No off-topic links to personal websites (spamming) without permission from the Admin.
Before posting a problem you are experiencing, please search the forums for related postings which may help you further.
No double posting.
Post your question in the forum that suits best.
Posts that ask the same question or start the same topic twice will be removed without notice.
When replying to a post quote only the text required NOT the whole post.
Please don’t bore users with personal conversations which can be conducted via the PM system.
Do not post half-truths or unfounded information about this website/forum or the members within, that cannot be backed up.
If you wish to rejoice in the fact you have reached a high number of posts on the forum, please remember to double check it or you might end up looking like Belfast Owl (See This Thread)