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  1. eightball

    Estonia Squad

    Henri Anier is the only one I have heard of in terms of domestic football. He was a journeyman striker in the SPL IIRC.
  2. eightball

    Line up/Match Thread

    This. I thought we missed Norwood on Sunday.
  3. eightball

    Line up/Match Thread

    Well said EG!
  4. eightball


    The Scotch are a deluded bunch.
  5. eightball

    Line up/Match Thread

    In fairness to Jones, he kept going and didn't hide when it went wrong.
  6. eightball

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Nice one. I'd love to get over to Germany for a match again sometime.
  7. eightball

    Austria at home.

    PA system made a big bang near us in the 2nd half. Scared quite a few people.
  8. eightball

    Line up/Match Thread

    Gotta agree with this. Watched the highlights when I got home and it was Dallas at fault for the 2nd goal. Looked like Davis missed a tackle for the first one too.
  9. eightball

    Line up/Match Thread

    My match day experience wasn't great as I took my two to their first NI game (5 & 3). As soon as we got to our seat the 3 year old wanted "to go somewhere else". 20 mins in the 5 year old was watching YouTube and I was wrestling with the 3 year old until the 2nd half kicked off when I took them to the toilet - we ended up in the one from Trainspotting. By the time we got back to our seats we had missed the first two goals. Then I spent the last half hour trying to stop the wee one from running away. So needless to say I didn't really get to enjoy the game.
  10. eightball

    Line up/Match Thread

    Jones has absolutely no end product. I thought McGinn was poor too. Boyce needs a partner to play with up top (Grigg has been missed). Also, Davis had a poor game I thought.
  11. eightball


    I know what you mean. The amount of cry offs and injuries they have had is mad. The bad performances and results haven't helped. They could do with a couple of wins.
  12. eightball

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Not keen on the formation.
  13. eightball

    Campaign Cards

    Ours arrived today! Woohoo!!