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  1. eightball

    Other groups

    Ah yes, that rings a bell. I'd forgotten all about that!
  2. eightball

    Other groups

    People can slag off the play-off, but I'll tell you what, I'm fascinated by the other groups these days. Bosnia are really poor away but great at home. No doubt that's where we'll end up!
  3. eightball

    Other groups

    So at the moment it's looking likely that we will play Bosnia and we'll be away?
  4. eightball

    Starting line up v Holland

    Thompson and Flanagan need to get experience at some stage, we weren't to know we would concede the late goals. Hindsight is always 20-20.
  5. eightball

    Starting line up v Holland

    By my reckoning Saville and Jonny Evans have both been booked twice so far during the qualifying phase and are one booking away from a suspension. Lewis, Lafferty, Dallas, McNair, BPF and Smith all have one booking each so far.
  6. eightball

    Starting line up v Holland

    We have been so unlucky in these recent big matches, but it shows we are moving in the right direction and the luck will change eventually. I was like a wee schoolboy running about the living room when Big Josh's goal went in. Then it all came crashing down
  7. eightball

    Starting line up v Holland

    New injury. Bad timing for us.
  8. Just seen on Twitter that Jamal Lewis is out of the squad. Balls!
  9. eightball

    Starting line up v Holland

    The squad has been announced in a rather odd manner:
  10. eightball

    Starting line up v Holland

    I've been wondering this too. I've seen Blackpool announce Jordan Thompson has been called up and Blackburn have announced Corry Evans.
  11. eightball

    UEFA considering international leagues

    I was looking at the pots earlier trying to work it out. Am I right in thinking that pot 1 finished 2nd in the group last time, pot 2 won league c groups, pot 3 finished bottom of league b and pot 4 were 2nd in league c? Perhaps someone else has already suggested this?
  12. eightball

    Other groups

    So we could almost re-run the group with Bosnia and Austria. They would both be expecting to beat us, but I think we'd give them a harder test. I'll tell you what, this new system has me keeping an eye on other groups and I'm hoping certain teams win and others don't.
  13. eightball

    Post Mortem

    I thought it was to get the Italian officials on our side.