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  1. eightball

    Post Mortem

    I think you got it spot on. 👍🏻
  2. eightball

    Squad formation v Bosnia

    FFS! I'd like us to pick up at 4 points in our next two games to make the campaign look a bit better.
  3. eightball

    Starting 11

    Big Vassell coming on.
  4. eightball

    Starting 11

    Lewis having a wee nap for the goal.
  5. eightball

    Starting 11

    Good enough set up for a tricky away tie.
  6. eightball

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Scotland must be really, really bad... But remember when MON took over us, there was a poor campaign followed by a great one. Perhaps Big Eck needs this campaign to build a team. I doubt the sweaties will be prepared to let him continue if they struggle.
  7. eightball

    Team Formation v Austria

    And yet he's not particularly quick.
  8. eightball

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    A lot of people on here are very quick to stick the knife in. I'd prefer to wait and pass judgement when all the facts are available. If Kyle has declared himself unfit then we have to take him at his word. The decent thing for him to have done was travel and get assessed by the IFA medical staff. I hope we get to see him back in the squad and playing in November.
  9. eightball

    Sell Out v Austria?

    My brother was able to make it down from the same part of the world without any hassle or complaints. Presumably they were getting hassle from their other halves for disappearing off to Belfast all day on a Saturday???
  10. eightball

    Sell Out v Austria?

    More suitable kick off time than Bosnia? I know some guys from the NW that weren't happy at having to come up for the 2pm KO.
  11. eightball

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I hadn't planned to go to this, but I might be able to now. Will keep my eye out for details.
  12. eightball

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Where do we get our free plasticine? On the way in?
  13. eightball

    Starting XI v Israel

    Lafferty sat out training today after his injury on Saturday. I'd be surprised if he was risked.
  14. eightball

    Post mortem

    Looked to me on the highlights he was telling him to clear it.
  15. eightball

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Was it a penalty lads? Looked a stonewaller from my seat in the North Stand.