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  1. South Korea

    We were talking about this on Saturday, and for future afternoon kick-offs we probably will walk over.
  2. South Korea

    Unfortunately for me that's not really an option. There are no trains from Forestside!
  3. South Korea

    We park on Lisburn Road side of stadium even though we have to enter the North stand via Olympia Drive. Much handler for getting out. Having said that the games at the tail end of last year were a nightmare for parking.
  4. South Korea

    They loved that wee dunked ball over the top that lead to their goal. They must have pin pointed that as a weakness of ours. After the goal we were wise to it.
  5. Starting XI v South Korea

    Going to be a bit of an experimental side then. Should we just expect to get beat and any other result is a bonus?
  6. South Korea

    Looking forward to this match now. The prospect of so many vital players being out would usually fill me with dread, but there seems to be a bit of optimism now. I hope the young guys all get a run out and enjoy the atmosphere.
  7. South Korea

    There have always been kids in the North Stand Upper, and I'm sure the old Family section was North Stand lower. I think the kids prices might only be for the railway stand though, if that's what you mean?
  8. South Korea

    Cool! I'll have to record the match.
  9. March Friendlies?

    I assumed that we would use the dates to hold training sessions rather than have meaningless friendlies. I guess we will have to wait and see what develops.
  10. UEFA considering international leagues

    Flying out of Belfast or Dublin?
  11. UEFA considering international leagues

    Have done that in a bus going up the East coast in Australia. Not too bad if you have a good book.
  12. UEFA considering international leagues

    Prophetic. Did you put money on it?
  13. UEFA considering international leagues

    I'm happy with our draw. Austria and Bosnia are something different at least.
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    Denmark in with ROI again EDIT: And Wales
  15. South Korea

    Probably. I haven't made a purchase yet, but I'm sure ticketb@st@rd will try to get their pound of flesh.