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  1. matt

    Post Mortem

    How in the name of Christ do you not score this? His left leg seems to have slipped and/or he was off balance.
  2. matt


    With Norwood gone (at least until a change of manager) this is what worries me most. I`ve seen him play a few times recently (club and country) and he`s looked utter pish. I think we all recall how exciting he was on his first few games for us, looked a real star. Confidence seems shot to pieces.
  3. matt

    Starting 11 v Germany

    With Smith seemingly out through injury Id replace with McLaughlin and think that`s close to what we`ll see. With Naismith out Washinton has been leading the line alone for Hearts in recent games and done ok so think that will sway O`Neil who has watched some of these games. I think the pace of him, Jones and Dallas will be the sole hope of a goal on the counter.
  4. matt

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Soonish I presume. Guessing the Norwood thing came to a head when he was contacted about playing. Sunday Life suggesting yesterday Lafferty and McCauley both seem set to be included which is baffling if true.
  5. matt

    Post mortem

    Always gives his all and is a nice guy to go with it. Hes been unlucky in the games hes played being be isolated
  6. matt

    Line up V Belarus

    LOL I got the impression he was touching himself everytime he got the ball. Our usual stalwarts of Evans and Davis I thought were poor/average. McNair looked good all night and deserved his moment. Great result
  7. matt

    Starting Eleven

    Lafferty ran about like a headless chicken chicken frankly. Did well with the goal and a few other moments but how anyone can praise that performance is beyond me. Shouldn`t be near the starting team. I`d have Boyce or Josh on before him.
  8. matt

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Glad to get the result but very average display against a poor team I`d imagine Germany will put about 8 past. - Lewis needs confidence to take on final man. lots of great runs where he ends up going backwards. - Dallas did ok but does not suit that position at all. Id expect McLuahglin to slot back in there perhaps on Sunday - Lafferty may as well have not been on the pitch. Completely hopeless, bizarre standing ovation for him. (guessing thats for past explots) - McGinn looked good, and nice finish for goal. - Jones should have been brought off earlier. No end product. Hopefully Sunday a more assured performance after the confidence boost of winning.
  9. matt

    Campaign Cards

    The tickets left are £70 to sit in the top corner of South upper. Mental pricing for Estonia.
  10. matt

    Austria at home.

    It`s actual a design fault of the new stadium that the seats directly behind the dugouts can`t be sold. There is no way to access them via normal entrances (unless cutting across 2 blocks which H&S cant allow) you have to do so via the PJ lounge. However there are more seats in this area than capcity of PJ lounge meaning there is always seats left empty.
  11. matt

    Line up/Match Thread

    Not sure what Saville said to the referee but he could have been shot and wouldnt have won a free kick Thought Jones was decent on Thursday and ok tonight. The pace of him and Whyte is our future in this formation.
  12. matt

    Line up/match thread

    The commentators were fawning over Boyces first half performance and I must say I agree. He holds up the ball well and his distribution was good. More of an attacking 10 that an out and out striker but he did fine.
  13. if there was a valid reason mentioned on the call (bereavement, sick child etc) Michael would have mentioned it. I think it`s clear from the wording of O`Neils statement his rationale is flimsy at best. Lafferty has always been a bell-end lets be honest. when Craig Levin was asked how Laffertys departure would affect the Hearts team he replied "the teams average IQ will shoot up" and thats the general consensus of anyone thats met him. Before we had no one else but maybe now we can afford to show him some hard love. He was appalling against Bosnia anyway.
  14. matt

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Thats it in a nutshell. Wont be anywhere near it
  15. matt

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    The reality is an increasing amount of people find incidents like this from Friday https://www.facebook.com/JewishVoiceforPeace/videos/1074945429350499/?t=40 (a child shot dead for throwing a stone at a fence 1km away) rather appalling. That`s before you consider the anti British terrorist campaign at formation and more recent support of Argentina in the Falklands etc Against this backdrop the need to keep politics out of sport gets harder to justify. Sadly in NI the pro Palestinian lobby is totally controlled by SF/IRA (somewhat ironic given Israel was founded by groups that mimicked the IRA with a leader, Yitzhak Shamir, that went by "Micheal" in tribute to his hero Michael Collins). This makes the attraction of such protests rather small. But hey ho pointless having another political debate and I`m sure the match will pass with no incident given the protests are so far away.