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  1. D Coop Ulster

    Fans game

    As Silver said a Fans Game has been arranged against the Dutch Fans in Rotterdam on Thursday 10th October. The game will kick off at 3.30pm and be played at the following address which is beside the main stadium: Sportpark Varkenoord Feynoord Academy Olympiaweg 280 3078HT Rotterdam If travelling out by tram its best to get off at "Stadion Feyenoord" stop We have been informed that there are bars and restaurants around the complex. If anyone would like to play then please get in touch and as always all support is very welcome. For further details and for other fans team information you can find us on Facebook and Twitter Facebook: Search Northern Ireland Fans Team Twitter: @NI_Fans
  2. D Coop Ulster

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Hungary, Romania, Scotland plz
  3. D Coop Ulster

    Post Mortem

    I agree, totally pointless
  4. D Coop Ulster

    Post Mortem

    That was certainly the best recent performance I have witnessed against Germany. Can't fault the effort the players put in but as always against the big teams you need to take your chances if you want to get a result. Thought the tactical move of bringing Gnabry inside and playing a narrow front 3 confused us early doors 2nd half and got them into the spaces that caused us the most damage. Atmosphere in the 1st half was close to getting back to the good old days but still a bit to go. Early goal in the 2nd half killed it a bit. MOTM probably BFP with the saves followed closely by Jamal, as others have pointed out we found a couple of gems there as long as they keep progressing. Davis was excellent again as usual. Of the subs only Whyte really made any impact. Josh and Lavery didn't really do anything. McNair penalty dive was a bit like his performance, not the best which is disappointing especially after his excellent performance against Belarus.
  5. D Coop Ulster

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Thanks to everyone who came down to Seaview last night to support the Fans Game. The NI Fans won 4-1 in a very entertaining game which also included a streaker at one point Over £250 raised for AirAmbluanceNI on the day.
  6. D Coop Ulster

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Just seen it Richard, disappointed that I got caught in possession after all that good work. The Boss gave me a rollicking for that lol!!!!!
  7. D Coop Ulster

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    It's been sent by "very special" delivery
  8. D Coop Ulster

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Hi everyone, A Fans Game has been arranged against the Germany Fans on Sunday 8th September at Crusaders FC, Seaview kick off 6pm. This is a free event as there is no admission charge. All support is very welcome and any proceeds from the game will be going to our chosen charity for this campaign the NI Air Ambulance.
  9. D Coop Ulster

    Post Mortem

    Happy enough with that result. Predicted a 3-0 win. I'd actually fancy us away in Tallinn as well. This Sunday though will be a far more difficult game. Thought everyone contributed well. Davis again being our main man. Good contribution down the left side and if Jones can just find that final product he will be a real asset for us over the years. Dallas looked good at RB McNair for me again showed why he's a Centre Half and that's nothing to do with the miss. My only real disappointment though was this new brand of football I was waiting to see which was spoke about by MON in the pre game press conferences.
  10. D Coop Ulster


    Dublin-Oslo-Tallinn SAS Airlines then Air Baltic. Leave Dublin around 12:30pm gets you in around Tallinn 10:30pm on the Thursday night (4 hour stopover in Oslo), not sure what the price is now but was around £90 all in.
  11. D Coop Ulster

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Just top the group again and there will be no need for play-offs
  12. D Coop Ulster

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Never want to play England again...ever
  13. D Coop Ulster

    Sell Out v Austria?

    But you get a Lanyard included in that price of £97. That would have sold it for me EG
  14. D Coop Ulster

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    The fallout from this game is going to be great entertainment.
  15. D Coop Ulster

    Best and worst - Sarajevo

    Best: Great to explore a new city and tick off another place I have been to. Enjoyed walking through all the small alleyways and finding new place/bars to sit and watch the world go by. Going to Hadzici to watch FC Radnik Hadzici stroll to a comfortable 5-0 win in the Bosnbian 3rd Division. Standard might not have been great but the company was along with the setting. Klopa restaurant. Great food and great service. Getting the Tram to the ground and going in for pre-match drinks at a small bar right beside the stadium with the friendly locals. Atmosphere was definitely one of the best it's been in a long time, full credit to all the traveling GAWA Local police chief letting myself and 2 others go out at halt-time to go to the bar again and get a few drinks in before returning for the 2nd half, no issues whatsoever. After the match going back to the same bar and as Richard mentioned not leaving until eventually getting kicked out hours later by the local police. Worst: Result Not going on any of the tours or going up the cable car. Smoking in bars, forgot how great it is that this is banned back home. The trip home, after days spent in Bratislava, Vienna and Sarajevo it was certainly a challenge.