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    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Played with and know plenty of footballers who thought they where one position and ended up playing elsewhere to much success , again just my opinion.
  2. D Coop Ulster

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    He's a Centre Back all day long IMO and yes I agree he needs a settled position at club level to establish himself.
  3. D Coop Ulster

    Post mortem

    He was in the row directly in front of us and plenty of us gave him what for when he threw it. You are correct with his location and I hope something is done about it by the IFA
  4. D Coop Ulster

    Post mortem

    Like everyone, came away from that match thinking how did we lose. That's the best I have seen them play in a long time but at the end of the day it's about putting the ball in the back of the net. Some great spells of possession and moving the ball into the final third but we just lacked that killer instinct. Both their goals were obvious mistakes down to bad defending. The 1st one started from BPF's bad kick and ended with Lewis (who didn't have the best of games) completely switching off (not the first time he has done this) and allowing his man to run across him to score a tap in. Lack of awareness and communication. The 2nd was obviously a bad header back to BPF but on reflection I think he maybe could have went for the ball a bit more.
  5. D Coop Ulster

    Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    All very good valid points I just thought from your original quote that you thought it would make no sense playing 3 at the back against 1 striker which isn't the case as there as so many ways to turn it into your advantage tactically. Anyway I'm sure Michael is well prepped as usual
  6. D Coop Ulster

    Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    Yes but that enables one of your wing backs to play high and support the front men without too much worry on defensive duties as there is a spare defender, thus hopefully getting into positions where there is an overload in the attacking 3rd.
  7. D Coop Ulster

    Central America tour

    So is anyone going to do this trip, or has anyone booked? Thinking about it myself but obviously flight cost etc... comes into it.
  8. D Coop Ulster

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Shhhhhhhhhh ffs