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  1. JCNI

    Germany or Holland

    I was thinking 2 draws in the 2 matches between them. And then we draw away to both, and then beat both of them at Windsor. Hopefully that should give us enough points to qualify automatically, assuming we don't blow it in the remaining games against Belarus and Estonia! No?
  2. This, plus another 3.
  3. JCNI

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Agreed. I'm not the lead BB. He cannot always go to away matches. Up until around half way through the last campaign I always applied for the away tickets. I received all the relevant emails etc. Then, I was airbrushed from the IFA records. My 23 points wasn't enough for the Swiss away match. (Fortunately Turin supplied be with home end tickets.) ( I know the this is not relevant but I'm still pissed at the IFA.) My lead BB applied for our tickets for the matches in Vienna and Sarajevo. I was told I needed all sorts of things, (His name , A/C No. all travel confirmation etc.) to enable me to collect the tickets. In the event all I needed was the lead BB's name.
  4. JCNI

    South Korea

    Thanks for this. I will be at the match but it's good to be able to record and watch it again later.
  5. JCNI

    South Korea

    That's excellent. Only 4 emails and you got a reply!