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  1. omaghexile

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Scotland have been poor but I don't think we want them in a group we would struggle they would drag us down!
  2. omaghexile

    Post Mortem

    Probably the best thing to do as below confuses it even more! Who comes up with these formats ffs!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020_qualifying_play-offs
  3. omaghexile

    Post Mortem

    https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/video/videoid=2502798.html hughes18 is correct there is playoffs but watching this video of how they are decided must be close to what it feels like to be on drugs!
  4. omaghexile


    Well assuming it is the 5% policy for away fans - 925 fans
  5. omaghexile

    Score Prediction v Germany

    This unfortunately!
  6. omaghexile

    Line up V Belarus

    And long may it last!!
  7. omaghexile

    Line up V Belarus

    As would I but I just feel games like this experience is key and think would give more confidence to the defence.
  8. omaghexile

    Line up V Belarus

    McGovern Dallas Cathcart Evans Lewis Whyte Davis McNair Jones Magennis Washington Have to go for it and won't be easy!
  9. omaghexile

    Score Prediction v Belarus

    Well he would need to come up with better than what started in Tallinn team selection and formation was poor IMO, yes he recovered it in the second half but we can't afford the same against Belarus. Like Bazza I watched most of their game other night and definitely a step up from Estonia even though group table doesn't show it and think we will do well to get a draw conditions will not favour us either straight after Saturday and lack of game time for some of squad. But yes I believe and still hoping for the win though! GAWA
  10. omaghexile

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Couldn't agree more has a brilliant work rate and always forces a mistake in the defences. Don't think he has got a fair run at SU. On the Belarus game people are chatting about Hleb didn't play against ze Germans and might not against us but in general I thought they were very good and tbh I don't see us winning the game but if get a draw a good result but not good enough given other two teams to come.
  11. omaghexile

    Squad v Estonia (A) and Belarus (A)

    I still have confidence in Washington and his work rate and pace and would like to see him utilised more!!
  12. omaghexile

    Squad v Estonia (A) and Belarus (A)

    That's a strange selection RM talk about making changes!! Think McGinn is a loss and fort those putting him in starting lineup wouldn't have Jones anywhere near starting team pace and nothing else!
  13. omaghexile

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    It doesn't appeal as a fixture to drive up the road but no doubt I will be there!
  14. omaghexile

    Post Mortem

    It winds me up that McNair is taking corners and him one of our taller players and supposedly better headers off the ball, acceptable if his delivery was fantastic but it is anything but surely Davis should be taking set pieces!
  15. omaghexile

    Post Mortem

    Very pleased to get the two wins out of two in first two games will be entirely different proposition away to both sides come June. However genuinely bewildered why we play McNair as an attacking midfielder he clearly is not but seems to be about putting a tall player up top with Lafferty to lump the ball too, we looked more balanced with McNair at right back. And on a personal level I am not a fan of Jones great pace but touch is generally poor as is end product and reminds of Ivan Sproule 🙄 I genuinely feel Ferguson is a better option and gives us more balance. As for the striker I feel Liam Boyce played well last few times so him or McGuinness never a fan of Lafferty as gives away o many free kicks. But still a happy member of GAWA today.