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  1. Simon-613

    Score Prediction v Holland

    The Dutch looked very good against Germany, albeit that Germany were woeful defensively. My prediction is 3-1 to the Dutch but hope I am wrong
  2. Simon-613

    Starting line up v Holland

    It's a shame that Lewis is out. Don't think anyone's suggested it yet but I'd go for Flanagan at left back. I recall he played there previously for Burton and he's better defensively than the other main options - Ferguson or Dallas. It also means Dallas can be played further forward so we don't end up weakening two areas of the team. I'd go for the following team: BPF Smith Cathcart J Evans Flanagan Whyte McNair Davis C Evans Dallas Magennis McGinn unlucky to miss out but I'd like to see Whyte get a chance. Think Corry Evans would help us more defensively than Saville. Whoever plays up front will have a thankless task but at least Josh offers a physical threat and may be useful with set pieces at both ends of the pitch
  3. Simon-613

    Post Mortem

    I thought it was a fantastic performance, full of effort, passion, and no little skill. When you think about it, Washington spurned 2 great chances, and Dallas one. And McNair should have had a penalty. There was also a great cross that Washington was close to getting on the end of. Could easily have scored at least 2 tonight but that lack of ruthlessness let us down. It was hard work in the second half and the Germans passed the ball better than they had done against the Dutch. My only quibbles were: 1. Why play McGinn (and then Magennis) on the left. We might have been better with Ferguson out there to whip the same type of crosses in that were coming from the right 2. We might have benefited from having a natural holding midfielder - could Donnelly have done that role? Gnabry started popping up in between our midfield and defence in the 2nd half and was killing us 3. I think he should have put Magennis through the centre when Washington tired, and Lavery out on the left. It would have given us another option to be able to use Magennis' aerial power
  4. Simon-613

    Your tactics v Germany

    They looked weak defensively against the Dutch and their defenders clearly weren't confident of passing the ball out from defence against the pressure the Dutch forwards were putting them under. So that was encouraging. But they were a threat going forward, mainly through the pace and skill of Gnabry, and two or three good long through balls that he was able to run onto. Think it said he's scored 6 in the last 7 games or something like that. I think we'll clearly play 4-5-1 against them and we'll spend a lot of time without the ball, with an emphasis on keeping our defensive shape and keeping them at bay. But I think we can get some joy if our front 3 apply some pressure on the Germany back four when they're trying to pass it out from the back. I'd play Lavery on the left and McGinn on the right, with Washington through the centre - all mobile and hard-working. And try to then work moves where those players can run at Germany's very big (but not terribly mobile) centre backs. Set-pieces will always be important but I think Germany will have a height advantage, so maybe more important that we don't gift the Germans too many set pieces. From an attacking sense, maybe O'Neill will try to work an innovative free kick move rather than relying an aerial battles?
  5. Simon-613

    Score Prediction v Germany

    1-2. I think we've a better chance than in our other recent encounters with Germany, and I can see us scoring, but they've always got a goal threat about them
  6. Simon-613

    Germany or Holland Result

    16th of October 2018 was the last time. Lost 2-1 away to France, having lost their previous game 3-0 away to the Netherlands. Both in the Nations Cup, which counts as competitive matches
  7. Simon-613

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Having seen Germany play tonight, I'd be tempted to go with a slightly more attacking approach against them. They were feeble defensively and their right back and centre backs were very shaky when receiving the ball from Neuer, who persisted throughout the game with putting them into uncomfortable spots. Washington's great at hassling defenders but the other player we have who could do that is Lavery. I'd be tempted to play Lavery on the left of our front three, and that would allow Dallas to move to right back. We probably need a win rather than a draw now, so may be worth going into the game with a positive mindset?
  8. Simon-613

    Germany or Holland Result

    A very bad result for us. However, Germany were woeful defensively, and could hardly string two passes together. I actually think a lot of blame is attached to Manuel Neuer who kept passing the ball to defenders in tight positions where they were clearly really uncomfortable in possession. Looked like an accident waiting to happen all game. Wonder whether O'Neill will get our front three to try to pressure them if they do the same thing at Windsor Park?
  9. Simon-613

    Germany or Holland Result

    Clearly we want (and probably need) Germany to win. It's quite a tight turnaround for Germany to be playing on Friday, and then having an away game on the Monday. So I wonder whether they may largely play a different set of players against us, especially if they have won against the Netherlands?
  10. Simon-613


    Yeah, that was interesting. I can see that he was born in Portugal. I wonder what brought his family to Belfast? Hopefully some more good footballing genes in the family if there are any young Rodrigues' in our schools ...
  11. Simon-613


    Just shows how different people can see different things. From watching it on the TV, he misdirected 1 free kick and then the next time he got the ball he misplaced a hurried pass. Every other pass he made went to a team-mate. Looked like a very composed debut to me and his willingness to demand the ball was commented on by the TV commentators
  12. Simon-613


    Good win given how experimental and inexperienced our team was. I thought the players who impressed for us were Ferguson, Thompson, Peacock-Farrell (though he didn't have much to do), and from the bench Lavery and McCalmont Lavery was great, continuing his early season form. It's the first time I've seen McCalmont and he looks like a real find. Came on and immediately took over as the play-maker and his passing was very accurate. Donnelly also did ok when he came on. Could start to appear more frequently over the next couple of years. I though McLaughlin was below par, Brown isn't ready for that level of football, and would have expected a bit more from Saville and Magennis
  13. Simon-613


    Will be interesting to see how Brown does but I'm surprised he's been picked ahead of Morris who was in the original squad and has no caps
  14. Simon-613

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Possibly, although I think he will want Dallas on the left wing with a view to helping Lewis out. Dallas is probably more disciplined at tracking back than Whyte is likely to be, for example
  15. Simon-613

    Starting 11 v Germany

    I think McGinn's been playing well for Aberdeen and played well for us the last time he started. Pretty sure he'll start against Germany