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  1. Score Prediction v Panama

    1-1. It's a winnable game but they're at home and we're a bit under-power. Haven't seen any posts on predicting our starting 11. However, with the players available, I wonder if he might try playing 3 centre backs in this game? Would be a way of getting as many experienced high quality players onto the park as possible and also experiment with a different shape Possibly a starting line up along these lines G) Carson CD) Cathcart CD) McAuley CD) J.Evans RWB) C.McLaughlin M) C.Evans M) McNair M) Dallas LWB) Ferguson S) Boyce S) Magennis
  2. Central America tour

    Regarding McGovern, I wonder if his priority over the summer is finding a new club. Going on tour, with the potential of getting injured, might not be in his (or our) best interests right now
  3. South Korea

    Our one
  4. South Korea

    On the radio they said that Davis had played the last 28 games before today's match. Which means the last match he missed was the 1-1 draw against Qatar that was played at Gresty Road in May 2015. Working back from that, I make 28th March 2009 the last time we won without Davis. It was a 3-2 win against Poland in a World Cup qualifier. Team was Taylor. McAuley, Hughes, Craigan. J.Evans, Johnson, Clingan, McCann, Brunt, Healy, Feeney. Subs: Baird and Little. Manager: Worthington. Goals by Feeney, Evans and an o.g.
  5. South Korea

    Listened to the radio commentary and I think they said it was offside.
  6. Starting XI v South Korea

    I think he'll go with this line up McGovern McLaughlin McAuley Evans Lewis Ward Davis Norwood Saville Jones Lafferty Think he'll pick a pretty strong team and will want to win the game. Cathcart's only just back from a lengthy injury so would be surprised if he starts him. McAuley deserves to start and hopefully can get his 10th goal Brunt's absence opens the door for Lewis and seeing the link up between him and Jordan Jones would be exciting. Lafferty vs Washington is probably a close call but Lafferty's been scoring freely for Hearts and his height may be useful against South Korea. Ward vs Magennis is another tough call. Might fancy Magennis for his power and height but Ward played extremely well for us against Switzerland so maybe has the edge Think he'll introduce more fringe players in the summer games
  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    I think the only way they could create such a league structure would be if they abolished the Euro qualifying groups. I could see them saying that the top x ranked sides automatically qualify for the European Championships, with the remaining sides being determined by playoffs with league placings used to determine who is seeded for the playoffs. That would then leave them with c. 2 years worth of international fixtures to play the league matches. However, can't see it happening and it would be a shame if the smaller nations lost the opportunity to regularly take on the bigger sides.