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  1. bazza

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    “A manager of that class”? He’s a snake b*stard. f**k him.
  2. bazza

    Other groups

    No. The best ranked team in our ‘path’ will be at home to the fourth ranked team, with the second ranked team at home to the third ranked one.
  3. bazza

    Score Prediction v Holland

  4. bazza

    Other groups

    Quite frankly I’m sure the kids would love the change for a day or two! 🤣 It’s one thing work thinking they know where you are, it’s another proving it. I’m sure others may have used this approach in the past!
  5. bazza

    Other groups

    Ffs Mother Teresa throw a sickie! 🤣
  6. bazza

    Post Mortem

    Cheers for that. I wondered how the playoff places were filled in League A as it was highly unlikely there’d be four teams from that league requiring a playoff.
  7. bazza

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    Guendogan out with flu.
  8. bazza


    Comedy gold! 🤣
  9. bazza

    Score Prediction v Germany

    I think we’ll get battered. 0-3.
  10. bazza

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Self-inflicted. A complete moron.
  11. bazza

    Score Prediction v Belarus

    I watched most of their game last night against the Germans and they were decent at times. Can’t see us getting any more than a draw tbh. 1-1.
  12. bazza

    Germany or Holland

    Makes no difference at all I’m afraid.