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  1. glen man

    Post Mortem

    ?????????????????? i'm not really seeing it with McNair - he's strong and therefore his driving forward from midfield isn't bad and he gets us up the pitch on occasions. But he doesn't play with his head up and therefore his passing and general end product are poor (bar the goal). Thought in both games we missed Norwood and he would surely have played instead of McNair in both games if available. Thought in both games generally nobody played really poorly, but nobody was really good either. Exception was Jones tonight - his crssing is so poor, its hard to see what his stronger foot is - I've seldon seen a winger with such weak/aimless crosses. He appears to dribble with his right foot, but then on the leftwing, instead of cutting inside, he tries to take the defender on the outside and cross with his weaker (?) left foot. Jones seems better suited to running at the defender with pace and maybe getting a foul as his end product is so poor - on these 2 displays I can't see how he can start instead of paul Smyth and even gavin Whyte.
  2. glen man

    Sunday train service

    After the Estonia game all trains leave Adelaide Street from 22.00 - 22.09 - Does anybody know are they stopping at the normal stations along the way, or are they only going directly to the destinations?
  3. glen man

    Estonia Squad

    The Fulham player stood out for me i.e plays for a team I've actually heard of. Then I checked his wiki page, to see he's a Fulham U23 player, whose whole 1st team experiences amount to 6 games on loan to Ross County
  4. glen man


    +2 and also agree with the SNP and media comments
  5. glen man

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Some very knowledgable fans on YBIG, but also a very, very large percentage of nasty bigots. In the last week I have read us described as 'orange c**ts' and 'orange bast**ds' on 2 seperate occasions. These comments weren't deleted and went by without much comment or criticism from others, it seems that on YBIG sectarianism is totally acceptable when aimed at us ................. however, apparently we are the nazis and they're just expressing their cultural identity or having a bit of aul craic One idiot in the same comment as criticising us for our 'sectarian singing' (I'm presuming GSTQ, but maybe the bouncy - that aul sh*te about it being about Hamills death in portadown FFS !!!!!), said he didn't care if there was sectarian singing from ROI fans. Totally irony bi-pass their. I think every single poster on these boards know that if anybody on OWC described ROI fans by replacing the above comments with 'fenian' as opposed to 'orange', they would be removed immediately, they would be banned and there would not be one other poster defending it, with unversial criticism of the comment. However, on YBIG they seem to think that over here we are the equvalent of their their knuckle draggers. I would say I'm amazed at that level of ignorance, but I'm not. In constrast the comments on Foot.ie have none of this sectarianism - on foot.ie the thread refers to us as 'Northern ireland', on YBIG it has us as 'North of Ireland' (at least it wasn't 'dirty Orange Nordie bast**ds' - maybe we're making progress !!!) Read this comment foot.ie I am as nationalistic as the next man but I found the booing disappointing. In life if you want to persuade someone to do something, you don't jeer them and disrespect them. That sort of stuff does nothing to further the cause of unity and it just confirmed their view that there is a hostile State south of the border. Shame. 100% correct assessment, most nationalists or republicans i know just don't get this and are under the YBIG view that all Prods are sectarian nazis = bad, everything irish/republican = good, sectarianism only goes one way, no republican/nationalist is a bigot, only a victim, whilst all 'brits/prods' are bigots ......... hence they even walked down the street is a sectarian way FFS !!! probably the mere existance of northern prods is sectarian as well. to be fair on foot.ie the above comment got no negative comments and most agreed. On YBIG he would be called a 'West Brit snowflake' etc etc etc. The moderater on YBIG apparebtly intervened and deleted comments which he described as 'name calling'. However, he felt it was OK to the leave the comments 'orange c**t', 'orange bast**ds' (thats not name calling, just aul craic) and another one were someone described the 'liberals' as 'homos', says it all really !!!
  6. glen man

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    ran dead-on as far as i could see, however there was some guy gurning to one of the staff about it when i got my ticket - don't know what for TBH, all went well from my perspective
  7. glen man

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    drove down to the game after work (got out at lunch-time), stayed in a hotel in Dublin, had to get up at 5 to be in work again for 8, made it with minutes to spare. just back from work. Currently f**king wrecked. But much better experience than the last time I went down as one of less than 100 Ni fans to see our irish league select team (and steve davis) get humped 5 zip. No bother at all and enjoyed the crack with the scottish NI fleg in a ROI pub (the 'gasworks') - locals not overtly friendly, but seemed to tolerate our 'craic'
  8. glen man

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Think Mark Sykes is unlucky to be overlooked in terms of players getting promoted frpm the U21's. In the Slovakia game Smyth was very good, but I though Sykes was at least as good as Jordan Thompson and more impressive than Donnelly. From what i've seen, he's clearly the best player in the irish league this season and i think he could push on even further in a full-time environment, similar to what gavin Whyte is doing ATM, only even better if he joins the right club.
  9. Got some more names marshall but you probably have them already from the dundee utd youth team.

    1. shane campbell (born in omagh), a striker, born in 1993.

    2. joe mcgovern - goalkeeper and brother of michael - he's 94 born so would still be eligible for your U19's next year.

    hope this helps, all the best