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  1. Central America tour

    The price of a mars bar 👍
  2. Central America tour

    Hot it is,in Windsor ,Canada here it 92% -humidex 102% .like a jungle outside no dought you need to be in top shape to play football in that heat, it's hard even to cook outside In it, Iusually stay indoors where it's cool with ac haha.
  3. South Korea

    Ya gotta be crazy to try and park around that area,just park in the town and walk it, even after the game it would be a nightmare for me haha. id rather be on foot than live on my nerves driving through all that nonsense.haha
  4. South Korea

    S Sounds like you get up for work about ten minutes before you leave the house haha. learn to plan my man
  5. South Korea

  6. South Korea

    First debut scored goal since Mc Cartney in 2001
  7. South Korea

    Hi Stephen hope you're having a blast,just tune into radio Ulster,as that's what I'll be doing. depends on the time zone obviously .haha. stay outta trouble by the way.
  8. Starting XI v South Korea

    Pretty sad when we are concerned about players supporting laffs. we sure are a team that badly needs a new striker fast.hopefully a win for us for the new bloods sake.
  9. South Korea

    I like Mexico way myself
  10. Central America tour

    Winner winner chicken binner haha.hope Jonny didn't think that's the cats ass .piss poor chicken with tomato ketchup.lol. i guess it was just a bedtime munch.lol.
  11. Central America tour

    Some nice photos there Jonny. dodgy looking chicken dinner though lol.
  12. March Friendlies?

  13. UEFA considering international leagues

    Another question for GSpain ,do the southern support accept the Nordie support.? Or do they carry baggage?,eg (singing wrong songs etc) , I take it they're more anti Norn Irish than the place they come from ? Lol
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    What's the quota with the Nordie support,I guess the would outnumber the London support,I'm led to believe you're vocal support comes from the Nordies ?