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  1. RaveDave

    Post Mortem

    He signalled to Lewis that he had dived.
  2. RaveDave

    Other groups

    Very early days to start following other teams progress but some decent results by most of the teams we need to automatically qualify to give us a play-off place, should we not make it ourselves automatically. We need 16 of the teams listed below to make it automatically. Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine & Wales
  3. RaveDave

    Post Mortem

    I was thinking it was possibly because he might be involved in the Championship play-off final but thats 12 days before the Estonia game, surely enough time for him to be involved in both.
  4. RaveDave

    Estonia Squad

    I think he is injured at the moment, he hasn't played for Cagliari in months. I'm quite pleased he is missing as he is a decent defender with alot of experience at a high level.
  5. RaveDave

    Squad formation v Estonia

    I think you are right, he might also be trying to help put him in the shop window as well, as i doubt Sheff Utd will give him a new contract at the end of the season.
  6. RaveDave

    Squad formation v Estonia

    The lineup i would like to see BPF Dallas Evans Cathcart Lewis Thompson Davis Saville Smyth Grigg Jones The lineup we are more likely to see BPF McNair Evans Cathcart Lewis Evans Davis Saville Dallas Boyce Jones
  7. RaveDave

    Squad for Belarus and Estonia at home

    The big difference this time is if Sheff Utd go up, Norwood is a key player for them and will get his chance in the PL, he has never been this kind of key player at Fulham or Brighton, a regular yes but a key player no. I personally believe that Ollie thinks this is his maybe one big chance to become a PL player and wants to be able to give everything for the cause and feels having a 2 week break will be beneficial to him, or maybe there is more to it with somehing in his personal life but Michael's comments don't really back that up. Whilst its disappointing i wouldn't hold it against him as he has been a brilliant servant to us for many years, if he choses however to swerve the June games when his club season is finished, i don't think i will be as forgiving.
  8. RaveDave

    Squad for Belarus and Estonia at home

    Other than Ballard getting the call-up the squad probably picks itself, although i have a feeling it will look a bit different come Monday as one or two of those named are currently injured. The selection of the likes of Aaron Hughes has surprised me as he hasn't played in months. Its disappointing to see no new players, if there is no new faces in the u21 squad, i think we can confidently say the players Michael was talking to have rejected playing for us.
  9. RaveDave

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Money being wasted on stupid things yet again and at the same time we can only afford to have one part time scout/recruitment manager in England and without government help aren't able to fund the Primary School coaches programme.
  10. RaveDave

    Squad v Estonia 21.3.19

    I think the squad anouncement will be the following week, the clubs are due to be informed tomorrow i believe. I'm would be surprised if Sykes will be involved, he has played i think 3 games at League 1 level, if we need to go to League 1 for midfielders, McGeehan and Thompson would probably be ahead of him. Like yourself i hope to see Paul Smyth and Tom Flanagan involved, Flanagan is now our 3rd choice CB unless Michael fancies playing McNair in that position. Again i agree with you about Hughes and McAuley neither are playing atm so shouldn't be in the squad although Michael might want McAuley there for his experience. I really hope to see a couple of quality new players named and am going to be a bit disappointed if there aren't any, although that article posted on here from the Irish News in January were Michael spoke about speaking to eligible players who didn't want to play for us doesn't inspire confidence. With looking through whats available, i am finding it hard to find enough defenders for the squad with Smith, McLaughlin, Hodson all injured and Aaron Hughes & even Bobby Burns not playing. My Squad - I have only named 23 as i really can't find defensive options to make it up to the usual 25-26 man squad. BPF, McGovern, Hazard Evans, Cathcart, Lewis, Flanagan, McAuley Davis, McGinn, Evans, Ferguson, Norwood, Saville, McNair, Jones, Whyte, Dallas Lafferty, Magennis, Boyce, Grigg, Smyth
  11. RaveDave

    Campaign Cards

    I have two gold general admission campaign cards on my account which came to a total of £490 + the £10 booking charge = £500. The first payment taken was £173.32 (made up of 1/3 of the £490 + the £10 booking charge for the two cards), which left a balance of £326.68, which was then meant to be split over two more payments, approx £163.34 for each payment, the second payment the IFA took last week was for £103.32 (which is the £163.34 less the £60 refund i was due) which leaves my final payment as £163.36 which is correct. My account shows that i have paid so far £336.64, so they have adjusted my account to make it appear that i have paid £173.32 & £163.32, when in fact i have paid £173.32 & £103.32. I hope i have explained this well enough to help.
  12. RaveDave

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Friendlies have to be played on free dates, i'm not sure whether we are limited to UEFA members or not.
  13. RaveDave

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    If they want to arrange a friendly fine, but they should offer a refund for those that don't want to attend.
  14. RaveDave

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    We are ranked 24th out of 24 in the combined League A & League B rankings, 8 teams are needed to make up the League A & B playoffs, so if 16 teams automatically qualify that leaves only 8 teams left which will all be in the play-offs. As another poster pointed out we can also make them by 8 teams out of League B automatically qualifying.
  15. RaveDave

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    It really isn't that complicated at all. We need 16 or more teams out of League A & B to make the finals automatically, if that happens we are in the play-offs.