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  1. Central America tour

    The 19:45 kick off time is the default time on the IFA website when any fixture is announced, it will be changed when the kick off time is confirmed.
  2. South Korea

    Its the modern way of playing football, your two centre backs split, your fullbacks push up to near the half way line and your deepest lying midfielder drops in between the two centre backs to pick up possession and start your attack, the idea is create triangles which should give the player in possession two options for a pass and make it easier to move the ball around, but it requires players to be good on the ball and be brave with it something which isn't our strong point bar the likes of Saville and Davis.
  3. South Korea

    The one thing that needs to be taken into account with Lewis is that he is a converted winger, his entire youth career was spent playing as a left winger, it has only been in this last year or so that he has been switched to a full back/wing back role at Norwich so the defensive side of his game is going to be a work in progress, at Norwich they sometimes play him as a left back in a back four and others times he plays as a wing back with 3 centre backs.
  4. South Korea

    A fantastic result, they were as you would expect technically excellent and did cut through us at times only to be denied by grea last ditch tackling or blocks. That result need to be put in perspective, our starting eleven today included a goalkeeper making his international debut, a centre back who hasn't played very much over the last few months for a team that is badly struggling, a left back making his international debut who has played a total of 16 professional games, a left winger making his starting debut for NI, a midfielder who has spent the last few months on the bench at Fulham, another who was making only his 2nd international apperance, when you take all these things into account it really was an exceptional result.
  5. South Korea

    Around 50 tickets left, it should be sold out by Saturday.
  6. Starting XI v South Korea

    Carson McLaughlin Evans Cathcart Lewis Evans Norwood Saville Dallas Washington Jones
  7. South Korea

    Yeah we did with Premier Sports which is a sister channel of FreeSports
  8. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    I just got a chance to watch the press conference, Michael mentioned in it that he was going to start rotating his three young goalkeepers between being in the senior squad and the U21's, he said this time Conor Hazard is getting called up to the senior squad but will rotate with Conor Mitchell & Bailey P-F moving forward, so it looks like Bailey will be in the U21's this time. He also mentioned that for the first time in along time the U21's will be in Belfast at the same time as the seniors so there may be some movement between the squads.
  9. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    So after all the speculation over the last few months there are no players new to the NI scene in the squad, you can only assume Goss and whoever else was approached wants more time to make a decision or has turned us down.. disappointing.
  10. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Two reasons IMO 1) Lewis has only played 1 U21 game for us, so is no loss to the U21 squad, whereas Smyth has been alot more involved. 2) There is a very good chance Lewis will start against South Korea with no Brunt in the squad whereas there are alot of players infront of Smyth in the squad, there would be little point in him training all week and not being involved, playing two high quality games for the U21's would be much more beneficial to him.
  11. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    We don't know how big Michael's squad will be whether it will be 23 or 27 players. This obviously won't be the squad but if i were picking the squad my 23 man squad would be Michael McGovern, Trevor Carson, Bailey Peacock-Farrell Aaron Hughes, Gareth McAuley, Jonny Evans, Chris Brunt, Conor McLaughlin, Tom Flanagan & Jamal Lewis Steven Davis, Niall McGinn, Ollie Norwood, Corry Evans, Shane Ferguson, Stuart Dallas, George Saville, Jordan Jones & Sean Goss (Hopefully) Kyle Lafferty, Josh Magennis, Paul Smyth & Conor Washington In terms of goalkeepers the interesting thing about Bailey is he has never played for our U21's despite the U21's having had a few fixtures since his eligibiilty was discovered maybe Michael sees him as being past that level.
  12. South Korea

    If the U21's had've only had the one game i would have agreed with you but they play Spain on the Thursday night before the South Korea game and then as you say Iceland two days after, so if there named in the U21's i can't see them being with the senior team at all.
  13. South Korea

    With the squad due to be announced soon for this game, i am no longer convinced there is going to be much change in it as most of us were expecting. I seen an interview in a local Anglian paper yesterday with Jamal Lewis who said there has been little contact with Michael, just continual contact with Ian Baraclough which will probably mean he will stay with the U21's, it seems to be the same with Paul Smyth, Sean Scannell is injured (not that i'm bothered) which leaves possibly Sean Goss as being the only new face unless there is somone else we don't know about.
  14. South Korea

    Most if not all of those tickets would be gone already if they would allow concession options for all seats rather than them being restricted to just the Railway End, i seen a quite a few people posting on social media saying they couldn't get into the Railway End and they would have loved to go to the game and take their kids but they can't afford to pay £25 a ticket for them and their kids, its something the IFA need to look at least for friendly games.
  15. South Korea

    I booked my ticket as soon as they were available but Its not always as straight forward as that for some people, people who do shift work can't be sure off their schedules until nearer the date, people who are getting it tight after Christmas with money etc are not going to put tickets on their credit cards until the last minute. Whether it sells out or not we will know nearer the time, but lets be honest friendlies are not that appealing, i personally don't like them much myself and wouldn't have bothered with this game if it had've been a UEFA team we were playing, the fact it is South Korea and there should be a few new faces made it appealing to me.