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  1. RichardM

    Other groups

    Slap it up them!! Id love that shower in a play off simply because we would be going to Euro 2020.
  2. RichardM

    Starting line up v Holland

    Very true, if any would be coaches out there want a dvd of a team with fighting spirit with grit and a pride in playing for your country then watch last night's game, I'd say we've won a few more admirers around Europe. To feel gutted about not getting anything away to Holland is a testimony to Michael O Neill and what he's done.
  3. RichardM

    Starting line up v Holland

    What a sickener, ran themselves into the ground. I think the Dutch thought they could turn up an get 3 pts off "wee Northern Ireland" they got a bloody nose tonight. I was desperate for Whyte to come on in the last 15min,his pace would have got us up the pitch and he could have hurt them, I definitely think we can beat them at Windsor, probably too late but it's still going to be some night!
  4. RichardM

    Starting line up v Holland

    Laff needs one of the biggest performances of his career if we are to do anything tonight, hopefully Michael has got inside his head for this one, another Greece away performance would be the ticket.
  5. My reading of it is both players weren't consulted on the tweet and they both find it disrespectful and belittling that the IFA wnt ahead with it, an embarrassed Patrick Nelson phoned Feeney and apologised to him and said we treat our ex players as heroes. If it isn't ticket balls-ups, people stealing money off them, losing million pound grants and balancing dogs, it's something else. Just to think their social media team is award winning 😂😂
  6. RichardM

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Holland-1 Northern Ireland - 1 Dont like predicting defeats but worried about this one so I'll go for a battling draw although I fear the worst!!
  7. RichardM

    Starting line up v Holland

    Has to be tomorrow or Thurs latest.
  8. RichardM

    Starting line up v Holland

  9. RichardM

    Other groups

    Sounds about right, if we secure a draw in Rotterdam and Frankfurt and beat Holland in Belfast, we end up on 17pts which would probably be enough for 2nd. Going by post match interviews with 3 or 4 of the squad, they still believe we can qualify so you never know, it's going to be very difficult but with Michael in charge, there's still a serious chance it can happen.
  10. RichardM

    Other groups

    Roll on Germany Euro 2024!!😁
  11. RichardM

    Post Mortem

    A very talented musician as well, my brother would know him fairly well, nice fella.
  12. RichardM

    Post Mortem

    Some fantastic aerial shots of Windsor Park at night from the drone, really came across well on TV.
  13. RichardM

    Post Mortem

    From that picture that miss is criminal, we were all out of our seats screaming goal, just waiting for the net to bulge. Maybe Josh should have started after all.
  14. RichardM

    Post Mortem

    It shows how far the National Side has come when everyone is gutted that we haven't beaten Germany!!! Its almost expected now at Windsor that we can beat anybody and that is down to one man... Michael O'neill, he given us our team back. We stuck it up to the Germans for 90+mins and absolutely deserved at least a point. On last night's showing, I honestly think we can get something from the Holland game with hopefully Jones and Smith back, well done the boys in green, at least they went down fighting.
  15. RichardM

    Sea of Green and more...

    I'm not but I know someone who is 👍