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  1. clark686

    Line up V Belarus

    I'm not suggesting we play a defensive strategy. Simply I think we would have better balance with Corry in the holding role. Better at pressing, ball winning etc, meaning Davis can get further forward and also Davis is far more creative than Saville. Having said this, I wouldn't have a problem with Saville starting again on Tuesday.
  2. clark686

    Line up V Belarus

    Personally I would keep Magennis and Jones on the bench again. As well as they did yesterday, I think they are better suited as impact players in the 2nd half when the game opens up. I would make two changes from yesterday's side - Washington in for Boyce upfront and I would bring in C. Evans in for Saville in Midfield. A bit harsh on Saville but I feel we need a natural Defensive midfielder in against Belarus. We can't afford to give Hleb the same space and time as we did against Vassiljev yesterday. This would free Davis to play higher up the pitch, arguably still are best creative player and I thought McNair made more of an impact yesterday than Saville and linked up well at times with Whyte and Washington.
  3. clark686

    Score Prediction v Belarus

    I'll go 2-1 again. Washington and McNair with the goals.
  4. clark686

    Squad v Estonia (A) and Belarus (A)

    This is the line up I would like to see also.
  5. clark686

    Germany or Holland

    Agree. We want, say Germany to win both games against holland. Then if we were to beat the Dutch at Windsor big if I know. . Then the most the Dutch could accumulate is 15 points. Assuming they beat Estonia and Belarus Home and away and beat us in Holland. So it's essential for us to pick up 12 points against Estonia and Belarus, to stand any chance.
  6. clark686

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    2-0, not vintage, but we get the job done.
  7. clark686

    Line up/Match Thread

    I would agree with this also, but can't see where McNair gets in the side unless injury to Saville, Norwood or Davis. Not comfortable with him at right back. Might as well give him ago up front he's played everywhere else! 🤣
  8. clark686

    Team Formation v RoI

    I'd go: BPF McNair McAuley J.Evans Ferguson Davis C.Evans Thompson Whyte Lafferty McGinn Mix of first team and back up players. Gives McNair more minutes at right back, McAuley minutes to give him a better chance to get into the Rangers XI and J.Evans & David minutes who haven't had much first time action this season. Keeps Cathcart, Lewis, Saville & Dallas fresh for Austria game.
  9. clark686

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    I'd go for your first line up myself with one change, Magennis on the right ahead of of McGinn. Mainly for his physical presence on set pieces, which always are best chance of scoring.
  10. clark686

    Score Prediction v Costa Rica

    1-1 (we score from a set piece)
  11. clark686

    Central America tour

    Strong squad, Considering its an end of season tour. Based on his lack of game time this season, really surprised that Hodson is in the squad ahead of Michael Smith and Tom Flanagan. Great to see Bailey-Peacock and Whyte in the squad.
  12. clark686

    Starting XI v South Korea

    I'd make one change to this and have Dallas in for Ward.