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  1. GlendaH

    Sea of Green and more...

    Iceland away - friend still has hers
  2. GlendaH

    Campaign Cards

    Ours seems to have Kyle. I'm guessing yours hasn't?
  3. GlendaH

    Belarus rubles

    PJC - I have a few too. If you PM me where to send them, I'll get them to you. Good that they will be of some use
  4. GlendaH

    Campaign Cards

    They don't have a clue. Despite having added a new credit card and making it the default, my payment was refused because they still tried to charge the old card. Phoned on Monday and was told to pay the invoice by selecting continue but not to manually add or change amount. Gave me a load of flannel about why card didn't update - according to them I must have updated card against an 'old invoice' despite me explaining I'd done it in card section, and said they could see old payments against it even though its a new card Anyway, payment made so hopefully no issues with double payment