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  1. Blanch Flowers

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Some thoughts - McNair was good - how amazing that Dallas didn't hit the floodlights but managed to hit the net - what a dream start for Gavin Whyte with the keeper on the deck and the goal gaping! Alas! We lost to Bosnia & now relegation is threatening. Saville is very mature & confident. Griggs battled well but he is NOT a target man. He needed Laffertt or Boyce alongside him. Michael, take note!9
  2. Blanch Flowers

    Post mortem

    Why was Grigg not on from the start? Why did we persist in lofting high balls for Lafferty when it was clear that the Bosnians had him sussed? We dominated the game and lost. Disgraceful! i was reminded of the old days in the nineties when Danny Wilson and Kingsley Black flattered to deceive in many a home defeat. Another debacle like this and I will be posting, 'Michael must go!'