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  1. Big Phil

    Other groups

    To be fair I like the element of having a vested interest in the other groups and games, which has been a by-product of this playoff method. Also in the years where one 3rd place team his missed out on a playoff we probably would have been that team this year with the makeup of our group. (although I think only happens for the World Cup not Euros)
  2. Big Phil

    Other groups

    As far as we are concerned I believe its irrelevant. If they finish 3rd they are guaranteed (due to being a Nations League Group Winner) a playoff spot but in Path D.
  3. Big Phil

    Other groups

    How I see things at the moment. Whilst there are a good few fixtures remaining I think we can start to pick out which groups and teams within them we need to be cheering on. At the start of working this out I was confident, by the time I had went through each group I’m a little concerned, although one or two results can change a group very quickly. With 8 playoff spots available… Group A – Possibly 1 spot. England (+) will qualify. It’s between Kosovo (-) and Czech Rep (+) for 2nd spot. We want the Czechs’ to get it. If Kosovo do, that’s 1 playoff spot gone. Group B – 0 spots. Ukraine look a shoe in and Portugal should have enough quality to see them through too. Group C – 0 spots Netherlands and Germany, otherwise this exercise is pointless. Group D – 1 spot Two of ROI, Denmark and Switzerland will qualify. The other will take a playoff spot. Group E – Possibly 2 spots Hungary are the worry here. If they get a top two place, it will leave Croatia, Wales and Slovakia for the other qualifying berth. The unlucky two will then go into the playoffs. Group F – Possibly 1 spot Spain are as good as through. We want Sweden to follow them. Romania and Norway are the worries. Group G – Possibly 1 spot Tight group. Poland on top and hopefully will see it out. Austria, Slovenia and Israel for the other place. We want Austria to qualify. Group H– 1 spot France, Turkey and Iceland. Pick any two from that, the other will take a playoff spot. Group I – 0 spots Belgium and Russia should both qualify from this group. Group J – 1 spot Italy are as good as through. Bosnia are looking very unlikely to get 2nd place. And yes I am trying to occupy my mind until this afternoon......
  4. Big Phil

    Other groups

    I've a feeling you are on wind up here, but the above scenario is bollocks. The only time games against the bottom teams (in groups of 6) were discarded was to work out the best 3rd place finishers across all the groups. It has nothing at all to do with final standings.
  5. Big Phil

    Euro 2020 Ticket Sales

    I got two for a game in Hampden on 23rd. I can't make it that day as I'm now going on holiday, Wanna swap? 😋
  6. Big Phil

    Post Mortem

    Reading a few things about The N. Irish Ronaldo last night and a few are pretty disparaging against him for having no end product, being wasteful etc I can see where people could get that opinion but for me he offers something different from everyone else in the team. His pace and running at defenders is a massive positive and whilst people are complaining about his wastefulness with crosses etc, for me he’s putting them into ‘an area’ where attackers, midfielders could/should be attacking them. He’s been a big plus for me the last two games.