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  1. Campaign Cards

    We gave in and paid for our grandstand tickets this week after a bit of consideration. As you said £46 to watch a game is expensive in NI. At the moment as the team are on a roll we didnt want to take a chance and miss a game after all these years however it will be interesting to see if there will be many empty seats in the grandstand blocks as I can't see too many queuing up to buy them-hope I'm wrong.
  2. South Korea

    Yes mate keep the head up and dont let it get to you that you wont get to see it! 😂
  3. South Korea

    You would probably struggle to find a city centre bar in belfast who would be willing to show the match on saturday afternoon in case it offends someone.
  4. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Sorry we cannot rely on cathcart due to injuries. Next year mcnair if fit will be another in the 3rd division. I know capping smyth in a friendly will not tie him but i would like to see him involved with the seniors instead of playing infront of 100 people with the 21s. If he feels he should be in the seniors it may make his decision for him.
  5. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Our defence options look bare. Thankfully hughes and mcauley have hung around a bit longer. Are there any others coming through? Regarding smyth-oneill must be either very confident he is going to stick with us and will be happy with the under 21s or smyth has asked for more time to think things over.
  6. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Thanks for this-i forgot about a couple of those. I do think it would be great to see loads of new faces in the squad but i do think the upcoming american tour will see all these new faces as our existing squad plus all these new faces would bring it up to 30+ in numbers
  7. South Korea

    I do think if new faces are announced in the squad more tickets will be sold very quickly.
  8. South Korea

    Should be an interesting game. I think we would all like to see new faces given a chance, i.e. Lewis, Jones, Saville, Flanagan and Smyth. Wouldn't mind seeing Trevor Carson given a go in nets as well. I have a feeling a couple of retirements might be announced the same time as the squad announcement-however the likes of McAuley and brunt have rarely kicked a ball all season for West Brom so who knows.