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  1. rogni

    Bass Drums

    We had been bringing at least one drum to matches for years stemming back to the Sanchez era and were gobsmacked to be told that we weren't allowed to bring either of our two bass drums in to the Germany game as ordered by the almagamation so we didn't even try for the Dutch one. We were gutted; and yes I agree re the poor drumming. Three of our lot can all play a full kit and attend every game sober! Hopefully we'll be allowed them in the Aviva in June!
  2. rogni

    Other groups

    I'm dreaming of a home final against the Taffs!
  3. rogni

    Starting line up v Holland

    The jocks in the playoffs please
  4. rogni

    Starting line up v Holland

    We’ve had a great six years to be fair as NI fans but it’s been a long time since we’ve really taken a big scalp. Tonight was the night. Top premiership teams will even at times bring on another defender and go three at the back when you only need to hold out for ten minutes or so. Another missed opportunity. Switzerland home and away, Bosnia and Austria hone and away, Germany at home and now this. So frustrating.
  5. rogni

    Starting line up v Holland

    Very true. It’s the hope that kills you
  6. rogni

    Starting line up v Holland

    Players were clearly wrecked and changes needed to be made but not bringing on a young inexperienced attacking midfielder to replace Corey Evans!! Poor decision and it cost us
  7. rogni

    Starting line up v Holland

    I don’t like to be critical of ONeill but when you go a goal up you don’t bring on Jordan Thompson
  8. rogni

    Post Mortem

    Washington has never looked clinical. He’s not good enough to lead our line. The problem is who do we play instead? I feel Lafferty is our most talented forward but he has always been his own worst enemy. Dallas will rue the chance he spurned; that goes in the net, we’re absolutely bouncing, the Germans are rocked once again and we go on to win it with a wee Lavery cameo. Fine margins but ultimately it’s quality and lack thereof that means it wasn’t to be. The crowd was as good as I can recall post- Spain. Almost another night to remember in September; no Healy no happy!
  9. rogni


    Couldn’t agree more. We won and all our starting eleven are fit and raring to go on Monday night. I’d imagine MONs focus all week has been Germany and working on drills defensively. Lavery must get a wee run out for 20 mins on Monday night. Come on Germany, beat the Dutch but knacker yerselves doing it! Dare to dream!
  10. rogni

    Sea of Green and more...

    I think Bel Tel did scarves years ago?
  11. rogni

    Sea of Green and more...

    Probably wouldn’t cost more than a fleg! Great idea!
  12. rogni

    Sea of Green and more...

    It’s more open than it used to be. However, I didn’t start this thread to have a debate as to whether the stadium is killing the atmosphere, I was simply wanting us to do all we can to create the best atmosphere we’ve ever had to help the team. I can’t see how getting everyone to wear team colours is a gimmick. It creates a wonderful spectacle, as anyone who travels to Rotterdam will see.
  13. rogni

    Sea of Green and more...

    I can’t help but feel the atmosphere of yesteryear for games such England, Spain and even Denmark and Sweden hasn’t been matched in our ‘new stadium’. I know the stadium itself is in part to blame but I do feel that we as fans could do more. Can we resurrect the Sea of Green campaign and get fans to the ground early and up for it?
  14. rogni

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I was pretty confident that we are currently a better side but my goodness, how much better are we! Rep of I are all huff and puff. If I was their fans tonight I’d be raging at that performance. Neil Lennon actually said at halftime that we are too over elaborate at times. I never thought I’d ever hear that said of an NI team. There was one box to box break in the second half and it was honestly like Klopp’s Liverpool team. The only thing lacking was the final pass from Davo. He needs match time. I actually think it’s his extra 20% that we’re missing. Jones was excellent when he cane on and Saville was brilliant all night. Jamal was tremendous yet again and Evans and Cathcart we’re strolling around all night. We should’ve won at least 2 nil
  15. rogni

    Team Formation v Austria

    We really have to stop singing big Kyle's name all the time as if he's a national hero.