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    Line up V Belarus

    I agree, after 15 mins on Saturday our midfield looked punctured. Their goal came from Davis giving the ball away then a mistake from Dallas who has to commit a foul. I think to be fair to Dallas he played most of the game in he direct sunlight . when he switched to RB the sun had moved to that side of the pitch after spending most of the first half in the sun !!

    Line up V Belarus

    id have Dallas in at right back, and start with Jones , Boyce and Washington. We have too many players who are not capable of playing for 90 mins especially in that heat so its a case of giving a big 60 mins for a few boys then making a change. The boys must be on a massive high after that result, especially given the way we played for the last 15mins. No reason why we cant get a result on Tuesday night

    Post Mortem

    I said exactly the same thing to my Dad at half time. The overlap from Dallas / Mcginn works a whole lot better than the Lewis/Jones overlap. Hopefully they can work on that. Lewis and Jones had a few words a couple of times last night over who should be where and a lot of finger pointing at one stage

    Post Mortem

    McNair was MOTM for me. His reaction to the goal showed what it meant to him Jonny and Craig are solid every game, Lewis is getting better and Dallas is well capable of playing that role. Their goal come from Saville not letting the ball go out for a throw and trying to keep it in and then we lost possession. Jury is out on Jones , but to be fair to him a few of those crossfield balls are hard to control without the defender kicking you over the line. Laff is done, offers nothing and should have scored. Another big confidence builder for BPF. Overall we have six points so job done.

    Post Mortem

    Read the post today about the PSNI refusing to escort the two team buses to the ground....seriously wtf . Never heard of that ever before. Foster was at the game last night, surely a call from her to the Chief Con would sort that out. And as for the traffic access to and from the ground, dont even get me started on that.

    Post Mortem

    Oh i also forgot to mention corners and free kicks. Without Norwood we need someone to step up and take these. At least four of McNairs corners didnt beat the first man

    Post Mortem

    Its hard to gauge against such a weak team but overall i was happy with that. We have played a lot better than that in previous games and came away with nothing. BPF scares the life out of me every time he touches the ball but he pulled of a great save and a clean sheet with raise his confidence. I did think that JE seemed to be giving him a lot of the ball and talking to him constantly to guide him through. Back four was solid, McNair and Jones were superb for me and Davis got better as the game went on. Laff started off ok and won a few headers but after that drifted out of the game and he does get on like a dick at times . I would like to see Josh start on Sunday in that position. Nice to see McGinn get the goal and dedicate it to the kids that died in Cookstown this week.

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    2-0 again on Sunday Drew. Jones / Evans to score

    Squad formation v Estonia

    To be honest i think the most critical choice is between the sticks. Neither are playing regular EL football and im guessing that both are not overly high on confidence right now. Would hate to see a keeper fault that costs us the game. Hopefully whatever Michael goes with proves right. Yes we are a bit lacking up front but plenty of options and front two combinations to choose from.

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Must win game - I going for a 2-0 win. Stevie D on the score sheet to get the campaign rolling

    Line up/Match Thread

    was it just my frustration or was it taking ages for us to take throw ins. Just didnt seem to have the urgency last night to win. We also should have made the changes just after we scored, left it too long and was ineffective once the changes were made.

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I really liked the shape of the team that we finished with last night. Lewis and Dallas at FB and Ward and Jones playing out wide. Davis and Saville bossed everything in the middle of the park. Im a big fan of Norwood but im not sure that there is room for him in there unless trying to play a really defensive set up. Really hopeful that we can put a couple past Austria on Sunday and finish on a high. Predicting a 3-1 win on Sunday

    Team Formation v Austria

    I know managers never think like us but i would love to see us start with two upfront , in a game which we really need to win to avoid relegation . I would guess Josh will start up front on his own with Grigg making a show in the second half , possibly with Boyce depending on how the game is going

    Post mortem

    I think that was the most frustrating game I have watched in a long time. We were really solid in the middle and had loads of the ball but really did nothing with it. Laff was below average, he needs the ball on the deck to be most effective. Should have played Grigg and Laff from the start, Dallas i thought was poor. Jiimmy Sav and Norwood both looked sharp and fit. The second goal was Cathcarts fault, back header was under hit What disappointed me most was the ease at which they scored, teams much better than that have battered us for 90 mins and never scored. They had 2 chances and scored twice.

    Match predictions v. Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Strangely confident, im going for 1-0 win

    UEFA considering international leagues

    yeah no complaints about either of those. and we swerved the beggars which was good