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  1. Jim

    Letsby Avenue

    That street's full of policemen ffs!!
  2. Jim

    Campaign Cards

  3. Jim

    Campaign Cards

    I'm paying by three installments and got a refund of just under £9 per ticket however they worked that out!!! The total balance is totally wrong so I sent them an email showing the original price for each ticket, minus the £30/£40 per relevant ticket and showed them that the final total amount was way below that shown as still payable on Ticketmaster. Still waiting on a reply and I'm confident that they will explain it to me by return email (gave up trying to contact by phone once the IFA moved to the new stadium!!). I've found that they have always been decent dealing with my account.
  4. Jim

    Campaign Cards

    If it was the same bank issuing the new credit card, then phone up your bank. The exact same thing happened to me, I phoned the bank, explained what had happened, they went into the old account and saw my £700 refund and said that they would transfer it to my new card. The 'lost' money was in my new account within two days. Even though the account had been closed for 6 months, it was still able to accept refunds. Good luck.
  5. Jim

    Campaign Cards

    See post above Jim, sorted today.
  6. Jim

    Campaign Cards

    I paid my first part payment with two cards so I got 2 refunds. The first card used was terminated by the bank last July as the security was compromised 'in a Ticketmaster transaction' and they issued me with a new card. Lucky enough the refund to the terminated card was accepted by the bank on the old account and following a phonecall to the bank today, will be transferred into my new account. 😊
  7. Jim

    Sell Out v Austria?

    Campaign card is valid
  8. Jim

    Sell Out v Austria?

    You may not be on the correct Ticketmaster site Ian, try this one https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/irishfa/EN/account/login
  9. ?You keepin' OK mate?
  10. ? Jeez, you took that rough, Axe?!
  11. Jim

    South Korea

    I still haven't got an email from the IFA about this match! Any other block bookers still to receive the email?
  12. Ask Gary which IL team he has seen live most times!!
  13. You told me it was your Irish League Team of Choice!! Don't be bowing down to that Rowley scoundrel who is probably now supporting Carrick Rangers after the weekend he has had!!