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  1. GOTW

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Believe me, id rather have the win, but at least then id have a few more quid in my pocket 🙂
  2. GOTW

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Should have gone to paddy power 😞
  3. GOTW

    Score Prediction v Germany

    0-2 to ze germans 😞
  4. GOTW


    Surprised MON used this game to blood new players, when it should all be about preparing for Germany, especially as so many players arent regularly at club level and so probably not match fit.
  5. GOTW

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    If fifa intervened in the 50's to state it should roi and ni, why not now?. Although back then 2 teams were called ireland and now one is northern ireland.
  6. GOTW

    Starting Eleven

    Anyone know why ballard dropped out of the squad ?
  7. GOTW

    Line up/Match Thread

    Whats exciting about jones is that he tries to play direct and to take on defenders and beat them. Its great when its works, but ofcourse he loses possession when it doesnt. Was the same with paddy mccourt. Either we want players to attack or we dont.
  8. GOTW

    Kop ticket

    The thanks you get for trying to give something away 🙂
  9. GOTW

    Kop ticket

    You have it for free
  10. GOTW

    Kop ticket

    I have 40 pound ticket available if anyone is still looking..
  11. So why is better for Smyth to play for the u21 but not for Lewis?