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  1. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    I'd still much rather be in their situation than ours....a one-off home win against Denmark and we're in the Euros?! Yes please!!
  2. I think it would mean that 2 wins in our last 2 games would definitely take us through (according to Marshall on Twitter) Let's be honest, it's still pretty far fetched stuff! (but would give us a little more to play for come November 16th)
  3. Holland have just squeaked through 2-1 in Belarus, was keeping an eye on it and praying for a late equaliser...closer than most would have expected! Maybe Estonia can beat Germany tonight? Maybe not.
  4. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    and apparently McCarthy brought on an extra defender late in order to hold out for a point?! (or so I've seen on Twitter)
  5. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    Getting them in the play-offs would be bad on a biblical scale. Them not qualifying is a different story (sorry gspain) What would the odds be of getting them?
  6. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    Georgia 0 Republic of Ireland 0. Somebody please tell me what to think of this.
  7. P.McCarroll

    Post Mortem

    saw him before the Germany game Stephen and he's still just about hanging together! I could never believe his attendance record when he told me, how the f*ck he could afford it is baffling. My enduring hopelessness with money has seriously damaged my touring potential.
  8. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    I have come to dread your "I can't get off work for this possible match next year" posts....where there's a will there's a way ffs!!! (but thanks for posting that nice graphic)
  9. P.McCarroll

    Score Prediction v Germany

    I'm gonna take your coming out of retirement to post that as a good sign
  10. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    Greece outdoing themselves tonight, a 1-1 draw with Liechtenstein, at home!
  11. P.McCarroll

    Germany or Holland Result

    Belarus beat Estonia away tonight....absolutely no-one think they could possibly do us a wee favour somewhere?
  12. P.McCarroll


    100% agree with this
  13. P.McCarroll


    That would explain it - I've rarely seen a player work harder & more up for it in a friendly!
  14. P.McCarroll


    Anyone selling a spare for tonight who could meet in Laverys or at stadium, drop me a dm or email me at philpayola@hotmail.com 13,100 is actually quite impressive...I've never known apathy like it amongst some that I know!
  15. P.McCarroll

    Aaron Hughes Tribute?

    Unless you count shifting a few extra tickets as sense