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  1. P.McCarroll

    Other groups

    They scraped a 0-1 win.....but to look at this BBC tweet you'd think it had been a comfortable rout (which let's face it, it always should be against Gibraltar)
  2. P.McCarroll

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    nice German accent there
  3. P.McCarroll

    Campaign Cards

    I know I could find this out in a less lazy fashion - but what was face value for a kop ticket for Estonia?
  4. P.McCarroll

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    I'm gonna go for 2-0...but I'm somehow trying to erase the entire Nations League experience from my brain in the process. We may very well play an absolute blinder and lose 0-1
  5. P.McCarroll

    Squad formation v Estonia

    That's actually astonishing... great stat, but awful in terms of needing an in form striker! A bollocks that Grigg is out.
  6. P.McCarroll

    Squad for Belarus and Estonia at home

    Presumably you're disgusted that Lafferty (amongst others) is anywhere near the squad then, given his (recent) past behaviour? Ridiculously harsh!!
  7. P.McCarroll

    Campaign Cards

    Just phoned the IFA and was assured the deadline for anyone who hasn't paid this instalment on their campaign cards yet is definitely next Wednesday 13th March.
  8. P.McCarroll

    Campaign Cards

    The email I was sent clearly says the 13th, and if the deadline was actually this Thursday I'd expect them to say as much. However, not surprising, thanks for the heads up.
  9. P.McCarroll

    Campaign Cards

    I didn't bother changing my card details, as I was actually quite interested to see what happened next...no reminder emails was bizarre, considering some of the aul' sh*te they send out. Anyway, no big deal, I have until 13th March to sort it.
  10. P.McCarroll

    Campaign Cards

    Reckon they'll drop an email reminder about this withdrawal? Another one with a new card here.....
  11. P.McCarroll

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Did he lose his job? I'll not be shedding any tears tbh, but I guess there's room for debate about losing a job over it.
  12. P.McCarroll

    Line up/Match Thread

    at this point we should probably be thankful that he didn't sh*t himself.
  13. P.McCarroll

    Line up/Match Thread

    Some wee wart in my row missed the entire first half and most of the second.....in fact it pains me that I have to share my space with a right collection of headbins...my kid brother from New York was at his first ever home game last night, and his experience included sharing their Buckfast!
  14. P.McCarroll

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I'm assuming they're not all big Jeff Buckley fans, but don't have a bucking clue what you might be referring to.