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  1. P.McCarroll

    Score Prediction v Israel

    How I despise your level-headedness! A win, surely! I'll be ridiculous and say 3-0
  2. P.McCarroll

    Post mortem

    I find the bit in bold astonishing, I don't think he's played better for us!!
  3. P.McCarroll

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Chopper is erecting one as we speak
  4. P.McCarroll

    Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    You're basically Axe without the laughs
  5. P.McCarroll

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    very true.
  6. P.McCarroll

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    My initial reaction is good squad, but disappointed about Smyth & Whyte not being in it. However, I would not be surprised to see either, or both, brought in for Israel.
  7. P.McCarroll

    2019 Fixtures

    The way you've worded this makes it sound a little like friendlies are included in the Gold Card….though this isn't the case, obviously?!
  8. P.McCarroll

    Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    I don't think that guy's gonna live long enough to make the game against us.
  9. P.McCarroll

    Score Prediction v Costa Rica

    Just give us a goal tonight ffs lads! If I was a betting man, 1-0 to CR
  10. P.McCarroll

    Austrian National Team

    I hope Russia get duffed in every single game and are dumped out in the group stages.
  11. P.McCarroll

    Central America tour

    Insane fireworks display....pre-game!! Hope the boys soak this in...and f*ck the party up.
  12. P.McCarroll

    Central America tour

    I'm up for it, strong beers kicking in, might regret it massively with a toddler to look after in a few short hours
  13. P.McCarroll

    Central America tour

    That's wild unfortunate about McGeehan, wild unfortunate.
  14. P.McCarroll

    Central America tour

    Yeah, I saw him play for Northern Ireland. Looked alright!
  15. P.McCarroll

    Central America tour

    People saying that it's a very strong squad for an end of season tour, and I agree to an extent...but didn't we also have a good turnout for the last South American tour (Uruguay & Chile)? Or am I mis-remembering that? Now, that American tour under Worthington....Turkey in Connecticut and Chile....that was an hilarious squad. Not keen on the McGeehan situation, at all. Would need to be hearing something very positive from him.
  16. P.McCarroll

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    It's a pity, 'cause he seems like a nice boy.
  17. P.McCarroll

    South Korea

    Yeah, exactly. I can't get my head around being a dedicated enough supporter to spend time on a message board posting about the team, but not bothering to attend one of their few home games (except when there are long distances involved, of course)...this will be the first in 4 and a half months!! A full, atmospheric stadium benefits the team. However, I've done this conversation to death with some mates....each to his own!
  18. P.McCarroll

    Central America tour

    wearing your Costa Rica scarf, I hope. I would LOVE to do this trip, but there is currently more chance of me playing for NI in it than affording the journey meself
  19. P.McCarroll

    March Friendlies?

    11th September isn't a Thursday though....must be the Tuesday.
  20. P.McCarroll

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Oh dear. I feel your pain....had a close family wedding on the day of the Azerbaijan games and was trying to watch it on my phone under the table.
  21. P.McCarroll

    UEFA considering international leagues

    You happy with your (other) draw Gary?
  22. P.McCarroll

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Great draw! When it was 50/50 we'd get the Republic I was honestly watching it through my hands. I genuinely think that was a pivotal moment for our team. We just don't need the hassle #GAWA
  23. P.McCarroll

    UEFA considering international leagues

    'No one I know' being the key phrase. There are multitudes of people who call themselves NI 'supporters' that I wouldn't want to know. Starting with anyone who voted for ROI in that group! Wales wouldn't bother me too much...a wee chance for revenge, perhaps.
  24. P.McCarroll

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Was reading up on this as I had somehow let it all bypass me a little. Can someone enlighten me if I'm wrong here - on 24th January we are in with a 25% chance of the nightmare scenario of drawing ROI in home & away competitive fixtures? My follow up question is; does anyone know of any big rocks suitable for hiding under for long periods?
  25. P.McCarroll

    South Korea

    Good news - definitely more interesting opposition than the average friendly.....not keen on the kick off time though....I'll admit to being an 'at night under floodlights' purist when it comes to internationals. I make exceptions for championships! Gonna make for an exceedingly messy Saturday (I'm quite sure the above poster is correct that Korean TV dictates) And of course the NIFL games will be moved!!