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  1. mervillegawa

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    To Win: Austria, Scotland, Israel/Bulgaria Selfishly: Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria please. Been to most of the rest on NI away trips before.
  2. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    So the IFA haven't confirmed the venue or the allocation then...?
  3. mervillegawa

    Other groups

  4. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    Precisely. Guess where the media cameras would be pointed in such a scenario.
  5. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    THANK YOU BOTH! Makes it clear for me, appreciated.
  6. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    Cheers! And which outcome is better for us in Cardiff tomorrow night?
  7. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    Anyone have any idea how tonight's results impacts potential paths/opponents?
  8. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    Mixed feelings about that result in Dublin. Glad that they haven't qualified, but terrified that fate will have us face them in a winner-takes-all playoff.
  9. mervillegawa

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Jamal ruled out for tomorrow night. Knee injury.
  10. mervillegawa

    Germany v Northern Ireland score prediction

    Germany 1-1 Northern Ireland
  11. mervillegawa

    Post Mortem

    I couldn’t care less how poor Virgil feels about being booed, or whether we managed to impact upon his performance or not with the persistent booing, but the Liverpool fans on here and in the stadium last night who couldn’t put their club allegiance aside for 90 minutes and put NI first is embarrassing.
  12. mervillegawa

    Post Mortem

    Poor Virgil got booed at Windsor.
  13. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction - N. Ireland v Holland

    Due a scalp, but won't be enough to get us through. NI 1-0 Holland.
  14. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    A LOT of football to be played lads!
  15. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    He says that must win games for the national team tend to be played in Zenica - with other fixtures rotated. Great country for a visit, and crucially, would be a winnable tie. Tickets would be the usual sh*tshow, regardless of opponent IMO!