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  1. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    A LOT of football to be played lads!
  2. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    He says that must win games for the national team tend to be played in Zenica - with other fixtures rotated. Great country for a visit, and crucially, would be a winnable tie. Tickets would be the usual sh*tshow, regardless of opponent IMO!
  3. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    I work with a Bosnian lad who is also convinced that we will eventually end up facing eachother. He reckons if it does happen, the game would be in Zenica rather than Sarajevo... all hypothetical and conjecture of course! We owe them big time.
  4. mervillegawa

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    +1 Hopefully we send Koeman home with tail firmly between his legs next month. I remember Thomas Muller making comments about how teams like Germany shouldn't have to play qualifiers against wee teams as it's a waste of their time. Perhaps now that he's been retired by his coach, he can advise UEFA on their European super-league idea
  5. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Holland

    It's an incredible incentive for the squad!
  6. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Holland

    And if it happens, we'd go into November knowing that if we bate the Dutch at Windsor we're going to the Euros...?
  7. mervillegawa

    Starting line up v Holland

    Peacock-Farrell; Lewis, J. Evans, Cathcart, Dallas; McGinn, Davis, C. Evans, McNair, Whyte; Magennis
  8. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Netherlands 2-1 Northern Ireland
  9. Van Dijk and De Ligt will be sh*tting themselves at our strike force.
  10. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    So if we squeak out of Rotterdam with a draw... we will welcome the Dutch to Belfast in November knowing that if we win we qualify? It has taken me all of 30 seconds to convince myself that this will definitely happen.
  11. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    A trip to Sarajevo to beat Bosnia, followed by a home final win over Wales would be absolutely delightful.
  12. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Yeah exactly - it would be a scenario where it's 0-0 with 15 to go and he brings on Lavery for counter attacking pace. How we'd love a goal just like Shane Long's tonight!
  13. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Took this at 160/1 with Skybet.