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  1. mervillegawa

    Campaign Cards

    If you've paid in full already you'll get a refund. If you're paying in installments, the difference will be taken off your next due payment. Simple, if they manage to actually complete this task without f**king it up.
  2. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I think we need some new travel forums opened up!
  3. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Flying to Helsinki, then a ferry over to Tallinn. Used that ferry in 2015 only in the opposite direction for our game with Finland and it was a gift. Flying Tallinn-Riga-Minsk afterward, with Air Baltic.
  4. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    + another friendly on Friday 6th September, a few days before our home game with the Germans, I've just noticed.
  5. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I see the IFA have slipped in "Friendly TBA" for Sunday 13th October, a few days after the away game in Amsterdam. I'm assuming this will be the fixture to make up for being in a 5-team group?
  6. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Glimpsed on Twitter of a home double header to start in March - Estonia 21st Belarus 24th. NOT CONFIRMED though, Twitter can be wrong. Alot. Often.
  7. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I'll have whatever you're on.
  8. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Who makes the play-off is based on performance in the Nations League, rather than in actual Euro 2020 qualifying. As it stands, 16 teams have already won a place in the play-off stage. They are the winners of each Nations League group: Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, England, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus. But if they go through automatically?... If one of those 16 teams already in the play-offs wins an automatic spot for Euro 2020, their play-off place will of course have to go to somebody else. It will be taken up will be taken by the next best-ranked team in their Nations League tier. So for example - if England qualify, their play-off spot could end up with Iceland - assuming they have failed to also qualify. Effectively this means that there will be a place for a team from each tier of the Nations League: From the bottom tier, one of Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus will definitely be at the finals.
  9. mervillegawa

    Line up/Match Thread

    McAuley, Lafferty, McGovern etc. were ever present in those campaigns too, but don't think that it should guarantee them (or anyone) a start NOW. He's having a strong season at Sheffield United, similar to when he had a strong seasons with other Championship clubs, but that doesn't necessarily translate into performances for Northern Ireland. McNair has done precious little in 20 odd caps? I'd argue he hasn't done too badly considering he's being played out of position a lot of the time. He is athletic, comfortable on the ball, willing to take it forward, and has good set piece delivery. On all four of those attributes, I'd pip him ahead of Norwood. I'm not saying Olly is a bad player, far from it, I'm just saying that given the change in personnel/style we are currently transitioning through, for me McNair is a better fit for the next campaign.
  10. mervillegawa

    Line up/Match Thread

    Do you mean for his club? Or the Bosnia game for NI in September? Just think it's a strange one as he's being excluded in favour of Smith (who IMO is not up to the standard) or McNair (who is not a RB). IMO there are other players in the squad equally 'out of form' or simply not getting a game at club level who are still being picked.
  11. mervillegawa

    Line up/Match Thread

    Goes to show just how differently fans watching the same games can see things. Personally thought Smith was very dodgy at RB - can anyone enlighten me as to why McLaughlin is now being overlooked? Has he done something? Or is it lack of club game time? Would have him over Smith or McNair at RB all day. He's been a good servant, but McNair should be taking Norwood's place for me. Same for Corry.
  12. mervillegawa

    Line up/Match Thread

    Carson didn't have much to do. J Evans competent. McAuley, sadly, was weeks off the pace and it showed (esp. early on). Smith was poor IMO, esp. passing (aimlessly forward, out of play, or back to the keeper). Dallas restricted by his position - he will be best for us more advanced The middle 3 has great games I thought - particulary Davis who seemed to be everywhere. Jones - he's direct, I'll give him that... but far from international standard. Some absolutely atrocious decision making. McGinn - quiet game, expected a bit more. Boyce - was hoping he'd continue decent run of form for us up top on his own, but he struggled yesterday What's the deal with Conor McLaughlin? Why is MON continuously going for other options at RB? After this Nations League campaign, the below would be my preferred starting XI for the Euro qualifiers. BPF McLaughlin, Cathcart, Evans, Lewis Whyte*, Davis, Saville, McNair, Dallas Boyce* Depending upon the opposition there are players I'd change for Whyte and Boyce in the above.
  13. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    ROI 1-0 NI We will play them off the park, but concede late on. Probably to James McClean knowing our luck at the moment.
  14. mervillegawa

    Best and worst - Sarajevo

    Best Sarajevo as a destination - fantastic city and I will be back The locals being so friendly, welcoming, and genuinely appreciative that we were there Flights from Vienna via Belgrade going without a hitch The march to the stadium with the Robocops who (eventually) relaxed The atmosphere before, during and after the match Removing (some) of my ignorance around the region's troubled history Our hotel being a bit of a hidden gem, despite being at the top of a big arse hill The positives from the performance, despite the result - thought Boycey put in a huge shift for us and showed his value The weather adding to a great experience of Sarajevo Views from the cable car Walking tour of the city which hit a lot of key sites - very fascinating Some really good food, and some really quirky bars Train from Sarajevo to Mostar - very scenic Mostar being a stunner of a place, albeit we didn't have too much time to explore Worst Struggling to find anything - minor hiccup with the four pickpockets who mingled with the GAWA on the march back from the ground. Thankfully I think they were rumbled before they could do anything more. Our group saw the same group of four guys making moves on tourists the next day at the train station too. Access to the stadium - bit of a nightmare, as in Vienna Srebrenica Memorial Gallery with a hangover - being a 90s kid I was largely ignorant to the scale and brutality of what occurred in this region when I was a kid. It was a stunning collection of photographs and a fitting memorial in many ways, but some of it was really hard to digest.