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    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    +1 Hopefully we send Koeman home with tail firmly between his legs next month. I remember Thomas Muller making comments about how teams like Germany shouldn't have to play qualifiers against wee teams as it's a waste of their time. Perhaps now that he's been retired by his coach, he can advise UEFA on their European super-league idea
  2. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Holland

    It's an incredible incentive for the squad!
  3. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Holland

    And if it happens, we'd go into November knowing that if we bate the Dutch at Windsor we're going to the Euros...?
  4. mervillegawa

    Starting line up v Holland

    Peacock-Farrell; Lewis, J. Evans, Cathcart, Dallas; McGinn, Davis, C. Evans, McNair, Whyte; Magennis
  5. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Netherlands 2-1 Northern Ireland
  6. Van Dijk and De Ligt will be sh*tting themselves at our strike force.
  7. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    So if we squeak out of Rotterdam with a draw... we will welcome the Dutch to Belfast in November knowing that if we win we qualify? It has taken me all of 30 seconds to convince myself that this will definitely happen.
  8. mervillegawa

    Other groups

    A trip to Sarajevo to beat Bosnia, followed by a home final win over Wales would be absolutely delightful.
  9. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Yeah exactly - it would be a scenario where it's 0-0 with 15 to go and he brings on Lavery for counter attacking pace. How we'd love a goal just like Shane Long's tonight!
  10. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Took this at 160/1 with Skybet.
  11. mervillegawa


    PM sent.
  12. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Germany

    1-1. Big Josh in the 93rd.
  13. mervillegawa


    My brief thoughts from the stand: Once upon a time, Connor McLaughlin would have been one of my first names on the teamsheet. Looked ropey last night. Hoping he gets back to form - we're short on defensive options and he's only 28. Flanagan looked OK. Brown looked out of his depth, but given his career to date that's maybe to be expected. Whyte one of our best on the night, though his final ball let him down. Thompson would have been my NI MotM, though he's capable of better, particularly on set pieces. Lavery was very bright when he came on. Looks like he could handle a lone striker role - certainly better than Lafferty can. Should get game time on Monday IMO, particularly if it's 0-0 late on. Glad to see Galbraith get on, he will be a belter for us in the future. McCalmont looked overawed a little - three of four passes to nowhere within a few minutes. IMO he will be a regular for us in the future, but needs more time. Steven Davis - 112th cap last night, equalling Aaron Hughes. Will become our most capped outfield player on Monday, and no doubt our most capped player of all time at some point next year. Can we freeze him in time please?
  14. mervillegawa

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Left Ibrox on crutches.
  15. mervillegawa

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    Really?! One of their best players IMO.
  16. mervillegawa

    Belarus rubles

    Top work Paul. I've 10 or so and I know a few others have some left over - will be in touch about sending all of it across to you once I've gathered it.
  17. mervillegawa

    Score Prediction v Estonia (A)

    Estonia 0-1 Northern Ireland. Late goal from big Josh.
  18. mervillegawa

    Germany or Holland

    We won't take 6 points from our away double header in June. Rendering all of the above, sadly, irrelevant. A disappointing 1-0 loss in Tallinn will be made all the worse when we put in our best performance in years and beat Holland 1-0 at home, and would have qualified had it not been for the loss in Tallinn. We will finish a clear third.
  19. mervillegawa

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    Just saw this on Instagram. Good news for us as they are three fantastic footballers, but seems a very bold move from Low! Muller is 29, with Hummels and Boateng only turning 30 in the past 6-8 months.
  20. mervillegawa

    Campaign Cards

    If you've paid in full already you'll get a refund. If you're paying in installments, the difference will be taken off your next due payment. Simple, if they manage to actually complete this task without f**king it up.
  21. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I think we need some new travel forums opened up!
  22. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Flying to Helsinki, then a ferry over to Tallinn. Used that ferry in 2015 only in the opposite direction for our game with Finland and it was a gift. Flying Tallinn-Riga-Minsk afterward, with Air Baltic.
  23. mervillegawa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    + another friendly on Friday 6th September, a few days before our home game with the Germans, I've just noticed.