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  1. karolkarol

    Post Mortem

    Can't really complain, ran ourselves into the ground, just a shame we couldn't take our chances. Stuart Dallas was excellent, linked up well with Evans and Whyte on the right hand side, seemed like all of our good chances came directly or indirectly from him. Connor Washington would be a hell of a striker if he could finish, his running and hold up play are absolutely superb. Starting to think that one of Whyte/Smyth/Jones should always start for us. They're all lively and unpredictable, something that caused the Germans a few issues last night. All in all if we could somehow find a bit more quality up front we'd be a hell of a good team
  2. karolkarol

    Line up/Match Thread

    I really don't get the hate for Norwood. Well liked at club level wherever he goes on loan and at interntationl level plays a role that allows our captain and best player to do his work further up the pitch.
  3. karolkarol

    Post mortem

    You could see Michael's frustration in his comments last night. You have to think if McGovern, McLaughlin, JEvans, Davo, Dallas, Ward, McNair and even Big G were all playing regularly we'd be a hell of a lot better than we are at the minute. All that said, 45 goalscoring chances in 3 games and only 1 goal to show for it speaks for itself.
  4. karolkarol

    Post mortem

    General play was good and the midfield three I thought put in a good shift but with both wingers hugging the touchlines and nobody from midfield getting far enough forward to support Lafferty it was all a bit predictable and the big Bosnian defenders hoovered it up. It needed Saville or Davis to get into the box more often or someone like Jones or Ward running with the ball, cutting in towards the box and causing problems. I understand the need to stretch play but if you've nobody bombing into the gaps created, what's the point. Crosses weren't working so what do we do, keep crossing it. Bit disappointed by a lack of Plan B.
  5. karolkarol

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Lee Hodson lolz