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  1. Seahawk

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Was in Moscow the last time and the visa was expensive. I think you now have to go in person to be electronically fingerprinted for the visa (London, Manchester or Edinburgh?) which will add even more £ for the trip.
  2. Seahawk


    I got an email today from the IFA inviting me to purchase accessible tickets for the Luxembourg game as I had bought them before. Whilst we have 88 campaign cards I don't recall buying accessible tickets for any members in the past.
  3. Seahawk

    Campaign Cards

    Best to ring them and speak to someone as it is more difficult to ignore you. One of our lads lost a campaign card during the WC campaign (paid £5 as it was lost) and a duplicate was issued within a few days. Makes you wonder if anyone is actually taking things forward from the email queries?
  4. Seahawk

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Russia and the Ukraine cannot play each other so that won't happen.
  5. Comber Meekin,

    We have some only making the return journey so I can definately get you to Belgrade on Friday morning. At this stage the coach is filled for the return journey.

    I may be able to work round this on the way back but will have to come back to you.