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  1. South Korea

    And I didn't even get to see it - had to settle for following it on the BBC sports website 🙄
  2. Spare ticket for the North Stand

    No sense giving your number, sure you never answer the bloody thing (you'll probably lose it anyway this afternoon 🙄).
  3. South Korea

    Cheers 'Axe' - be seven hours ahead here so God knows what I'll be up to by that stage 🙄
  4. South Korea

    Quite ironic actually as I was in the exactly same area when Ards played the Glens Seconds in the final of the Steel and Sons a few years back and I rang by brother every ten minutes or so for an update - Ards got tanked but that's the year the Glens played a 'ringer' and the trophy was taken off them but for some reason wasn't awarded to Ards. At least this time I'll be able to follow the game on the 'net but with those ladies about I mightn't have any spare hands left to check my IPad 😳
  5. South Korea

    Probably a better chance here then 'donaghy' - I'll continue my quest but I looks like I'll have to settle for the girlie bars down at the Thai Boxing arena to while away the night 🙄
  6. South Korea

    Trying to find a bar here in Chiangmai in northern Thailand showing it - drawn a blank so far unsurprisingly 🙄
  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    By God Bazza are you ever happy 😳 On the bright side the tenner you invested on the Saints going down should help fund one of the trips 🙄
  8. UEFA considering international leagues

    About 10k the last time I saw us play there and there certainly was no problem with our allocation - OK it was ''82 🙄 I was hoping for Austria so happy enough and Bosnia would be a first.
  9. Central America tour

    Cheers - trying my best 👍🙄
  10. Central America tour

    Currently in Vietnam and won't be home until late April (via Cambodia and Thailand) so I think it might just be ripping the arse out of it. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all by the way.
  11. UEFA considering international leagues

    In my humble experience over there if the bars laid on free beer and had Pique nailing his bird (singer, can't remember her name) for the half time entertainment then they still wouldn't turn out to watch the so-called 'El Classico (OK, Pique might be double booked) - unless it's the ENGLISH Premier league then they don't give a flying one. i was in a bar in Saigon a few years ago (twenty four hours, cheap beer - happy days) when United were playing Bayern and Atletico were playing Barca and I'll swear that there was not one person watching the latter game (there were about eight TVs and seven of them were showing United). Universal Bar on Bui Vien should you ask
  12. UEFA considering international leagues

    Having spent an awful lot of time in S E Asia in the last lot of years I can confirm that Asia couldn't give a toss who Spain (or Germany, France, Italy or whoever the so-called big teams are) are playing - unless it's Premier League football on the box they would prefer to watch two cockroaches fighting over what's left of your dinner.
  13. UEFA considering international leagues

    I still rest my case with that argument when i remember the classic night of Healy's hat-trick against 'one of the big boys' and they sold TWENTY THREE tickets for Windsor - big country my ballix.
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    Sounds a bit like Bangor then during that famous/infamous match against Ards where they stayed up by losing but would have been relegated had they won - probably the craziest day I ever had at a football game.
  15. UEFA considering international leagues

    Sorry Jim, I'm not wearing it - as I said I spoke to a few Republic supporters in Paris during the summer who spoke glowingly of Gary so they can't all be bad judges of character!