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  1. richboy

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    I'd agree with the above. I've been to Romania a couple of times and would definitely go back. In fact having been to all of the countries we've drawn (and I liked them all) this would be my preferred trip. I haven't been to Bucharest though.
  2. richboy

    Post Mortem

    I sometimes thought Healy might have been more suited to playing abroad.
  3. richboy

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Whoever dreamt those up must have been smoking pot. Scotland in the second pot? I know they won their group, but c'mon! Do I even have to ask what pot the Germans are in in League A (despite being relegated from League A)? Anyway, personally I'd like Russia Finland Israel as I've been to the rest of those countries (except Turkey which we can't draw).
  4. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Yes, just checked the Euro 2016 section and it seems we got about 20%, so 10k in this instance if that continues, in France. Piss poor. I do seem to remember it seemed an awful lot more than 20% of the stadium was filled with Poles and Welsh at the games I was at...
  5. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Just out of interest, what percentage of the seats will associations get? Is it in the region of 30%* or am I wildly out (hopefully not optimistically so) here? For the tournament the “Dublin Arena” has a capacity of 51,000, 30% of which is 15,300. Then obviously you have to take away allocations for IFA sponsors / staff / players families etc. *30% to each association, 40% neutral fans and UEFA corporate/sponsors etc.
  6. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    The order of the games is just like 2016: Poland first, potentially easiest game* 2nd, big boys last. *I think.
  7. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    📅 Matches at the Dublin Arena Monday, 15 June – Group E match Friday, 19 June – Group E match Wednesday, 24 June – Group E match Tuesday, 30 June – Round of 16 (1D v 2F)
  8. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    I agree for this edition of it, but I think the 2016 version was great and I believe they are returning to that format for 2024? Ok, I guess that makes sense (in a senseless competition)...
  9. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    You didn't spot the (potential) Saturday match? Yes, but you can't tell which "option" we would have yet is what I mean? P.McCarroll obviously shares my concern that we may not have a Saturday match. Seeing as so much Is already known about the draw (before it's happened) I thought it may be possible to work this out. My understanding is that if we proceed to the finals we would effectively be taking the Republic's (host) place so 2 of this games would be in Dublin? On another note, if the Republic get to the finals, which of the two host nation's gets to play the other at home? Do Spain get home advantage as they are a pot 1 team?
  10. richboy

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Seeing as you know where we will play, are you able to discern what dates we play our group matches on from the Euro 2020 schedule?
  11. richboy

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Did you like him as a manager?
  12. richboy

    Post Mortem

    Killer blows right before and after half time. 1st 44 mins were great despite our enforced starting 11. Fingers crossed we have a first choice 11 fit and on form on 26th March.
  13. richboy

    Other groups

    Does anybody know what the allocations will be? Still 5%? Not that it really matters for an away game I suppose, as with 3 days notice we be lucky to have more than a few hundred there. It could also mean very little to no away support of it was at Windsor though...
  14. richboy

    Germany v Northern Ireland score prediction

    Does Steve Lomas actually know we've scored? That's several times he's mentioned "0" in relation to our score now.