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  1. richboy

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Makes our result against them seem better. I feel like I should have written "Switzerland bate Iceland 6 (six) - 0".
  2. richboy

    UEFA considering international leagues

    I've just seen that Switzerland bate Iceland 6-0. What happened there?
  3. richboy

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    The commentator must have heard me - groin injury.
  4. richboy

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Where's big Josh? Not in the squad...
  5. richboy

    Score Prediction v Panama

    I would have no idea what the score will be as I have absolutely no idea how good Panama are. I could probably hazard a better guess though than the IFA can in regards to kick off. Not for the first time the website countdown to kick off clock is not even close to being right. 25 hours out this time. Although to be fair this time they'd have you getting up early for it as opposed to going by their click and finding out you'd missed the whole thing. I guess that's progress.
  6. richboy

    Central America tour

    So, when's the squad announcement?
  7. richboy

    Central America tour

    Quit talkin ballix
  8. richboy

    South Korea

    That wasn't just any o.g.! As for our disallowed goal, Ward was a mile offside.
  9. richboy

    South Korea

    Smyth must be tiny. It took me a couple of replays to realise who had headed it on to him as Washington looked like a giant yet I think he's about 5'8" (a perfectly acceptable height ). I suppose he's quite well built for a footballer though.
  10. richboy

    South Korea

    Apart from the result it was a bit like turning back the clock with all the withdrawals. The performance was a bit patchy but I don't think you could have expected any more. Well done Michael and team.
  11. richboy

    Starting XI v South Korea

    Apparently Ward is starting. As is Michael
  12. richboy

    South Korea

    That's good although I thought we had signed a deal for some bunch of cowboys to show our matches for the foreseeable future?
  13. richboy

    South Korea Match Predictions

    It looks like you liked the second one better as you've it half ate. Pungsan Dog Loyal.
  14. richboy

    South Korea

    Aye, that's what I meant. I suppose that's why the GAWA got confused with the Basle tickets . i wouldn't fancy spending full price on a wean though!
  15. richboy

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Don't forget that Goss' involvement is pure speculation on here. There may be something going on behind the scenes but there may not.