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  1. South Korea

    That wasn't just any o.g.! As for our disallowed goal, Ward was a mile offside.
  2. South Korea

    Smyth must be tiny. It took me a couple of replays to realise who had headed it on to him as Washington looked like a giant yet I think he's about 5'8" (a perfectly acceptable height ). I suppose he's quite well built for a footballer though.
  3. South Korea

    Apart from the result it was a bit like turning back the clock with all the withdrawals. The performance was a bit patchy but I don't think you could have expected any more. Well done Michael and team.
  4. Starting XI v South Korea

    Apparently Ward is starting. As is Michael
  5. South Korea

    That's good although I thought we had signed a deal for some bunch of cowboys to show our matches for the foreseeable future?
  6. South Korea Match Predictions

    It looks like you liked the second one better as you've it half ate. Pungsan Dog Loyal.
  7. South Korea

    Aye, that's what I meant. I suppose that's why the GAWA got confused with the Basle tickets . i wouldn't fancy spending full price on a wean though!
  8. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Don't forget that Goss' involvement is pure speculation on here. There may be something going on behind the scenes but there may not.
  9. South Korea Match Predictions

    what, so you're saying we can't sing "who ate the dogs up?" to the tune of "who let the dogs out?"
  10. South Korea

    Was taking a wee nosey myself. Was excited about this one but then it turned my wife was working all weekend. Then I has a brainwave and thought I could just go with the kids, seeing as the 18 month old has only seen NI matches on TV, but there are no kids tickets left. And flights are a bit dear now... But anyway, is it the case (not just for this match) that the only place kids can sit is the railway stand?
  11. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    That's a good point before every man and his dog start lamenting his omission (if he' not in) and blaming it all on MO'N or saying that Grigg has thrown the toys out of the pram...
  12. Home game kick-off times

    I usually fly from elsewhere as it's cheaper, but see EGs post above... I did a quick skyscanner and not turning anything up although having said that the flights aren't all out for November yet...
  13. Home game kick-off times

    Balls. I thought 5 would be ok. I've run into this problem many times but I thought 5 would be ok. Last flight to Southampton is half 6 ffs! For a moment I actually thought I could go to a clean sweep of games. Now it's only looking like South Korea and Bosnia at home
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    He wasn't that keen to talk about Saints to be fair! No, it's the first time I've met him. It was Sammy Lee I saw in Winchester. Anyway, Steven was a really nice bloke and would have talked about NI all day long!
  15. UEFA considering international leagues

    Bazza, I saw Steve Davis on Monday (this is actually true) and he was slagging you