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  1. richboy

    Other groups

    Anybody else thinking of Conor Washington?
  2. richboy

    Other groups

    Haha, I'd forgotten about that Gimme 5! Aye, I agree. I just meant it wasn't certain we'd have been drawn in that group.
  3. richboy

    Other groups

    We possibly would have been in their situation had UEFA not intervened to give them an easy group.
  4. richboy

    Other groups

    We would probably get drawn and then they would put us back into the hat and draw the Republic out, in a role reversal of the qualifying draw. If the above happens do host Nations go into such draws too? Aren't host Nations supposed to be in separate pathways?
  5. richboy

    Other groups

    I couldn't believe it went ahead. Worked out well though! Hopefully both teams lose tonight in Geneva.
  6. richboy

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    he's no Saint, that's for sure.
  7. richboy

    Other groups

    So that means the first draw (and with it fans' travel plans) could go out the windy?
  8. richboy

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Great comeback from Michael. Hopefully we are also outrageous and terrible to watch in Belfast.
  9. richboy

    Other groups

    Thanks for the above replies. This whole thing is bonkers.
  10. richboy

    Other groups

    Is it virtually inconceivable that NI will have a semi final in Belfast?
  11. A German defeat though... That would mean 3 or 4 points could take us through... Edit - talk about jinxing things
  12. richboy

    Starting line up v Holland

    Some more info here