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  1. mcd9toes

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Where would we be for the last 16 game in that scenario?
  2. mcd9toes

    Post Mortem

    More than likely
  3. mcd9toes

    Post Mortem

    I see the big fanny has withdrew from Netherlands squad for Estonia game.
  4. mcd9toes

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Any news on Cathcart? Take it hes fine after coming off at weekend.
  5. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    I even got my mate to try using his PayPal as i thought maybe there was an issue with mine but he's gettimg the same
  6. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    That's the same mate. Not working
  7. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    tdkinnier@gmail.com Please enter a valid email address, name or mobile number (i.e. name@domain.com, a name or an 11-digit number only). That's the email I'm trying and that below is the response mate. 
  8. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    Tom that email address is not working on paypal
  9. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    100% Tom, I'll do that now mcdeezy12@hotmail.com
  10. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    You still got that ticket then mate? I can PayPal you now
  11. mcd9toes

    Slim chance single ticket

    I know this is slim pickings but I'm on the look out for a home ticket, not for me but a long story, not expecting anyone to get back to me but I'm putting it out there anyway. Cheers
  12. mcd9toes

    Other groups

    That could be a bollocks for a connecting flight home
  13. mcd9toes

    Other groups

    That price sounds to good, I've been looking and everything is in around the 300 plus
  14. Hi mate, just got a text from a guy looking 2 tickets.