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  1. mcd9toes

    Other groups

    That could be a bollocks for a connecting flight home
  2. mcd9toes

    Other groups

    That price sounds to good, I've been looking and everything is in around the 300 plus
  3. Hi mate, just got a text from a guy looking 2 tickets.

  4. mcd9toes

    Other groups

    So that's fair enough if we are away to Bosnia say in the semi final on the 26/3/2020. If we beat them there is another draw to see who has home advantage in the final, so we could potentially be playing away again 5 days later on the 31st. That's going to be a bollocks getting that booked and how the hell are the IFA going to issue tickets in that short space of time. Then if we qualify you would have a month and a half to get your self sorted for the finals. That's all hindsight obviously but what an absolute shambles UEFA.
  5. I could see through his reaction if it was 10 year ago and he was there or about the squad.
  6. mcd9toes

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Us? I don't know. Them? Not many.
  7. It's definately done in good humour considering he must be 40 and managing Ards. 😂
  8. Skysports news reported there O'Neill has said that Lewis has not broken elbow, though he has damaged ligaments, he will be monitored over the next few days.
  9. It's bloody genius mate. Made my day, especially see Jamals name, hopefully a good sign.
  10. Can anyone edit that in? Be a belter 🤣
  11. That's the best way of releasing a squad ive ever seen. That's must be why it took them so long releasing it 🤣🤣
  12. mcd9toes

    Starting line up v Holland

    Do they usually do it a week before game? That seems late. I see Scotland play next Thursday also and they released theirs today.