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  1. Starting XI v South Korea

    Today's Little I paper has TWO NI stories on the sports page- interview with Jamal Lewis, plus as a bonus a feature on the Monsignor
  2. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Sorry Jim (and Mick) but the Indonesian Irn Bru cup leaves me cold This squad is about continuity. Of those who played in 2018 qualifying one has retired and 2 fringe guys with one sub game apiece are left out. The plane to the Caribbean may be more telling
  3. South Korea

    Excellent birthday treat for FU. All welcome to join me for festered cabbage and beers first- assume there's a place around Stran or Bot Avenue?
  4. Central America tour

    I was hoping for game(s) like this only in rather than via Madrid
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    Interesting stuff. Another factor in greater support for the South (particularly in England), is that the media have talked them up, largely as a response to Scotland's decline (last qualification 1998).
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    Glad: eight competitive home games (rather than five) in every two year cycle distinct competition every year test against teams of similar standard with chance to rise to higher standard Bad: possible precursor to either a) all competitions in hierarchical divisions or pre qualifying for World Cup/ Euros players/ their clubs may not take the new competition seriously Mad: qualifying for WC/ EC finals by winning effectively a Division 4 play-off
  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    Why don't they have a Euro Championship every year (or three in every four, to allow for the World Cup)? It could involve groups of four teams, so six qualifiers played in one season from September to March World Cup could be on same basis, maybe with play-offs to reduce number of qualifiers no need nor time for friendlies