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  1. glens1993

    Line up V Belarus

    Bizarre to see Paul Smyth not even make the bench
  2. glens1993

    Post Mortem

    Good win imo, could have had a few more at the end but the result is what counts. McNair had a good game although a dreadful miss in the first half, in fact the midfield did well and were comfortable throughout. Was pleased to see BPF keep a clean sheet and make a big save as well. Thought atmosphere was poor and subs were quite uninspiring, would have liked to have seen Smyth get a run out. Lafferty poor, would expect Magennis to start up top on Sunday but can't see him being any more likely to get us goals.
  3. glens1993

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Peacock-Farrell Dallas Cathcart Evans Lewis Savile McNair Davis Smyth Grigg Whyte These are two we really need to win - positive from the off, get at them and have a go imo. Smyth and Whyte both to start for me
  4. glens1993

    Campaign Cards

    Has anyone on the installment plan seen a reduction on their upcoming payments in the account?
  5. glens1993

    Post Mortem

    Whyte should have been buzzing confidence wise after his debut, I thought it should have been him on instead of Corry Evans which was a hopelessly negative and uninspiring substitution.
  6. glens1993

    Starting XI v South Korea

    McGovern McLaughlin Cathcart J.Evans Lewis Ward Savile C.Evans Dallas Boyce Washington Would go with Cathcart beside Jonny as it could be our starting partnership if all fit come September. Half an hour or 45 minutes from the bench for Jones and McNair amongst others.
  7. glens1993

    March Friendlies?

    Just wondering if anyone's heard any word of friendlies in March.