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  1. Although UEFA can and do what they want when they want (eg Germany not being relegated) they are unlikely to change these pots now.
  2. You can. the pots are Pot 1) Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic, Pot 2) Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Pot 3) Slovakia, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Pot 4) Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania
  3. gspain

    Other groups

    The Dutch and Germasn cannot visit Dublin for the group stages as they are hosts. If we don't qualify Spain have 3 games in Bilbao and the other 3 group games are in Dublin. We could getthe likes of Croatia or Turkey but even then they won't sellout. The Rof16 involving England's group winners will sellout no problem. I don't think Northern Ireland playing in Dublin v someone else would be a big problem.
  4. gspain

    Other groups

    I don't think Northern Ireland playing two games against a 3rd country in Dublin would be that controversial. England are likely to be playing their Rof16 game in Dublin also. I plan to attend all 4 Dublin games unless at a game elsewhere. Most people down here won't bother though unless we are in it. If we (RoI) don't qualify then I fear the Dublin games could be a damp squib. NI, Wales & Poland are probably the only possible visitors in the group stages that could sellout the Aviva. We hosted the Europa League Final in 2011 and once Liverpool went out there was no demand for tickets. However a NI v RoI playoff final in Belfast or Dublin could be hugely controversial with such a big prize at stake.
  5. gspain

    Other groups

    😁😁 Yep two games in Dublin and Spain in Bilbao. Any team in the playoffs would know their opponents and fixtures in the finals. The only caveat is if there are 4 or more hosts in the playoffs. In the case of League B and League A playoffs it is highly unlikely there will be more than 1 host in each. Hence a re-draw won't happen. A Bosnia, Wales, RoI, NI playoff would probaby suit UEFA (assuming Bosnia didn't win it) as it would sellout the Dublin games in the finals. Otherwise Dublin will be a hard sell if we are not in it at 185 euros per ticket for most of the stadium.
  6. gspain

    Other groups

    With the winners playing two games in Dublin in the finals. There would only be three days of build up as well not to mind the nightmare of ticket distribution. Although if the possibility arises out of the draw there will no doubt be lots of column inches devoted to a possible game.
  7. gspain

    Other groups

    The semi finals are March 26-28 with the final March 29-31. A home semi final is highly highly unlikely. Two options 1) All 20 qualifiers are higher ranked incl Bosnia who are almost out. So not going to happen 2) 18 higher ranked countries qualify and exactly 1 League A team left (Iceland only is likely) and exactly 5 League B teams left incl NI and at least one league B group winner (Bosnia will be). In this scenario a team will be chosen from the non B group winners to move up to A along with 2 League C teams. You need to be lucky in the draw as the chosen team would have a home semi final.
  8. gspain


    Another key factor from the IFA's point of view is the revenue. Tickets are pretty expensive and the IFA have managed to sell much of the stadium as Campaign Cards. This means the revenue from the games v Estonia and Belarus is probably significantly more than it would be from a bigger stadium. A Monday night fixture has probably helped make tickets a little easier to get for tonight.
  9. gspain

    Other groups

    The easiest way to look at the playoffs from a Northern Ireland perspective is if 16 of the 20 qualifiers are among the 23 countries above NI in the Nations League ranking then a playoff is guaranteed. There are unlikely scenarios where a playoff could be secured with fewer than 16 qualifying. A Sweden win v Norway today would help. The Nations League rankings are here https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2601504.html I believe a playoff place is highly likely. Portugal's win last night helped greatly as that group looks done and dusted. The following look almost certain to qualify England, Ukraine, Portugal , Netherlands, Germany (no need for a playoff if they don't), 2 of Den,Swiss,RoI, Croatia, Spain, Poland, 2 of Fra,Tur,Ice, Belgium, Russia, Italy. If 15 qualifiers come from that group then only one of the following is needed Czechs to take out Kosovo Slovakia or Wales to make it ahead of Hungary Sweden to edge out Norway/Romania Austria to make it ahead of Slovenia/Israel Bosnia to catch Finland
  10. gspain

    Tickets for Dutch fans - home game v Netherlands

    A friend is in the Dutch fanclub and is a silver level. He expects to be able to buy a ticket on Monday if quick. Their top level (Orange) are all guaranteed a ticket. It is 100% pickup in Belfast with ID so not chance of harvesting.
  11. gspain

    Germany or Holland

    Germany beating the Dutch is absolutely crucial. If Germany beat the Dutch then no matter what happens in Rotterdam it will come down to November. A win in Belfast over the Dutch means a point in Frankfurt will do. In this scenario Joachim Low's teamtalk "Let's do this for the Dutch" may not quite reach the heights of Henry V at Agincourt or the Gettysburg address. 😉 Again a Germany win over the Dutch means a 1-1 draw in Rotterdam and a scoreless draw in Belfast will do also. All logic still says the Germans and the Dutch will qualify in the end however the Dutch will certainly have to sweat.
  12. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Republic of Ireland is still used on programmes tickets etc. It is on the website and on all the branding for the U17s. Ireland is used a lot as much easier to say etc. Our main SCs apart from a couple of exceptions (guess where they are from) are called Republic of Ireland ..... https://www.fai.ie/ireland/news/list-of-republic-of-ireland-supporters-clubs-worldwide I can recall Ireland and Eire being used in the 70's and that was a bone of contention. It was our fans then who used to insist on saying Northern Ireland.
  13. gspain

    Germany or Holland

    I think it is almost certain that Germany and the Netherlands will get the 12 points. If NI take the 6 points in June. If Germany win at home to the Netherlands. The Netherlands will then come to Belfast needing to avoid defeat. Maybe just maybe on a Saturday night............. In the above scenario any win over the Dutch or two draws would mean a point would be required in Frankfurt v the already qualified Germans. Now back to reality sadly the Germans and Dutch will probably qualify comfortably. As for the playoffs. 3rd isn't needed. Belarus are guaranteed a playoff. NI are ranked 24th after the Nations League. If 16 of the higher ranked teams (incl Germany and the Netherlands) qualify then a playoff is guaranteed. This will be a one-legged semi final almost certainly away with a draw for home advantage in the one-legged final. For a home playoff ten of the League B teams must qualify directly or all 20 qualifiers must come from Leagues A & B. If Germany and the Dutch qualify directly then a playoff is highly likely. Key things to cheer on Czechs to hold off Montenegro and Bulgaria Swedes to make it ahead of Romania and Norway Bosnia to take out Greece 2 of Croatia, Wales & Slovakia to hold off Hungary. Austria to take care of Israel Ukraine to finish ahead of Serbia. Still think Portugal will be ok here despite their start.
  14. gspain

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I assume the playoff stat factors in the top two chances. If NI miss out on direct qualification the chances of a playoff are significantly higher.
  15. gspain

    Campaign Cards

    prices are here https://www.irishfa.com/tickets/campaign-cards/2018-19-campaign-card-renewals-faqs Nations League tickets were £50 and £40 effectively if you just take the difference between Gold and Silver. There does appear to be a significant saving between a CC and buying match by match. If there is a decent crowd tonight and Sunday I assume the IFA will feel they have got their pricing right. I assume even at almost £70 a ticket (Grandstand) Germany and Holland will sellout comfortably.