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  1. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    No sorry of course not. Looks like I didn't finish it. That was the low point. Although I have since become aware of IRA chants as well. I didn't hear any on the night.
  2. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    It almost certainly is. The harp on the other side is the Leinster crest. I imagine the Connaught and Ulster crests were at the bottom. Bad night for the RoI. Totally outplayed with Darren Randolph's performance the only bright spot. Depressing night all round but the booing of GSTQ.
  3. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    One more thing I've just been reminded of. No backpacks are allowed. This is strictly enforced and there are no storage facilities. If you must bring a bag you need a plan on where to store it. I know people who have left bags in chip vans and hidden in hedges.
  4. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    The area around the stadium is pretty safe. It is an upmarket area of Dublin although it may not look like it from the away end. It is mainly street parking but read the signs carefully re parking. You will probably have to pay until 7pm but some streets make you pay until midnight. Bath Avenue is very convenient for the away end. It is a bit more downmarket than the other side of the stadium but still pretty safe. There will be very heavy traffic after the game all the way back to the Port Tunnel. This may sound absolutely daft and is considerably longer but you may want to look at heading south of the stadium (out the N11 or parallel Merrion Road) joining the M50 at junction 14. This is my route home and I rarely encounter traffic. There is normally parking on Anglesea Road or the vicinity of the RDS or Clyde Road near the American embassy. I'd only recommend parking there if heading south to the M50.
  5. gspain

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    0-0 looks most likely IMO.
  6. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    The area is a bit remote. It is convenient for those travelling down the M1 using the Port Tunnel and then the East Link bridge to reach the Aviva. There are tolls but it is the easiest route. It is also close to the entrance to the away end.
  7. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Confirmed here as a joint bid to host a UEFA U-21 championship https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/international-soccer/republic-of-ireland-and-northern-ireland-set-to-launch-historic-jointbid-to-host-u21-european-championship-37475168.html
  8. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Almost all the adult tickets for sale are 45 and 65 euro. Now for recent games v Wales and Denmark thousands of tickets were doled out free to clubs and leagues. I'd expect very few match tickets to be sold south of the border. An FAI season ticket is significantly cheaper than going match by match. This game is still given to those who chose not to renew over the summer. My view based on anecdotal evidence is that "one off" sales are mainly going to RoI fans from NI.
  9. I have read that the Nations League could be used for World Cup qualification including a possibility that one place each could be reserved for Leagues A & B only. However I don't know for sure and don't believe it is published anywhere. One upside (or downside depending on your view) of the disappointing results for both NI and the RoI is that we are very unlikely to meet in a competitive game anytime soon. We will both be 3rd seeds (barring very unlikely results next month) for the Euros and in the same pot in Group C for the next Nations League. I believe we would both still most likely get a playoff if either fail to qualify. however in this case it would lamost certainly be an away semi final.
  10. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Agree it is pricey. However it is consistent with recent FAI prices. The FAI just announced record Season ticket sales which is a bit surprising given recent results. However as you can see below Season tickets are very good value for money compared to game by game pricing. The figures aren't published normally but sales of over 16,000 STs were claimed last year. Of course the dynamic is different given the stadium capacity and it is highly unlikely any of the games this month or next month will be close to a sellout IMHO. Here are all the prices for the game for home fans. Note the Cat C (back of the upper tier , singing section 114 ) and family (2 adults and 2 kids in effectively Cat A seats) tickets are very difficult to get for most games. Category A: €65.00Category B: €45.00Category €30.00Kids (under 16) (General Admission only): €15.00Premium: €80.00Family: €100.00 For reference here are the prices for the home UEFA Nations League games v Wales & Denamrk PricesCategory A: €70.00Category B: €50.00Category €30.00Kids (under 16) (General Admission only): €20.00Premium: €100.00 and for the friendly v USA in June 2019 PricesCategory A: €60.00Category B: €40.00Category ? €20.00Kids (under 16) (General Admission only): €20.00Premium: €100.00Family (Two adults/Two Kids): €100.00 The best value for RoI fans is a season ticket with covers 2 UEFA Nations League games, the NI friendly and the first 2 Euro2020 qualifiers next year. Note the NI friendly was meant to have been part of last year's ticket hence the renewal price being cheaper. Season ticket 2018/2019 pricing: Category Renewal Price New price Adult C €110.00 €140.00 Adult B €140.00 €180.00 Adult A €200.00 €240.00 Family €280.00 €330.00 Children (Under 16) €45.00 €50.00 Student €90.00 €110.00 Supporter with a disability €120.00 €130.00 Singing Section €110.00 €140.00
  11. gspain

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    They don't need to be against UEFA opposition but are restricted. They are centralised mandated friendlies. the Football Associations were given some weeks last spring to agree them within boundaries. If not they would have been told who to play. Even the agreed friendlies were subject to approval. Of course the financial rewards from these friendlies and the UEFA Nations League make this worthwhile. The reality is that this is a low key game for fans in the Republic. It is a much bigger game for RoI fans north of the border. However it reduces travel time for everyone and allows Sky to hype the game more than it really should be. There is no way it will be close to a sellout.
  12. I never felt under the slightest threat in Zenica. Their fans are noisy and passionate but didn't appear to want any trouble. Security was very high. Most of the Republic's fans (and Welsh) arrived by escorted bus from Sarajevo. Now Sarajevo is a great city with loads to do there. I hate those organsied buses but they seem to suit most people.
  13. gspain

    South Korea

    I imagine the next step from the IFA will be to make purchase of friendlies compulsory if these games don't sellout or come close. It suits everyone if they sellout and give others a chance to go. However with huge demand for competitive games the revenue lost from unsold friendlies would hurt.
  14. Actually quite a good chance if the hotel has Sky Sports. if they don't then they will probably know of a nearby pub that does. The Republic aren't playing and England play later on so I'm sure they'd be happy to put it on. It is worth calling ahead and mentioning it.
  15. In recent years almost all the competitive games have been in Vienna but they may use these games as a chance to move around. Nothing to base it on really just a thought. Hard to see these games being a big draw and they may decide to move them around the country.