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  1. Jack Russell

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Austria, Norway & Romania. Not too bad.
  2. Jack Russell

    Post Mortem

    He’s still doing a job for Rangers, and is capable of better I think as well.
  3. Jack Russell

    Post Mortem

    Gnabry seemed unplayable. Bar taking him out of the game Roy Keane style I don’t see what could have been done with him. Even then they had plenty in their armoury. We missed Johnny Evans and Jamal Lewis, but even with them I really doubt we could have got a result. A depressing end to a decent campaign. Thank goodness we didn’t go needing a result, but the Germans seemed to really want to top the group.
  4. Jack Russell

    Other groups

    A similar haul of results would you not say?
  5. Jack Russell

    Other groups

    That’s a few decades of a mistake put to bed then.
  6. Jack Russell

    Other groups

    There were "UVF" chants from them if I remember right. Nuts.
  7. Jack Russell

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Happy to see Shayne Lavery there.
  8. Jack Russell

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    That’s the team-talk done for the return game. I have been feeling all Kevin Keegan since I read his quote. Twat.
  9. Jack Russell

    Starting line up v Holland

    Gutted at that. Some here predicted a tanking, but we aren't that team any more. It's astounding how disappointing it is to lose to the Dutch away considering how we were under the previous regime.
  10. Jack Russell

    Score Prediction v Holland

    I don’t think we will win, but I don’t think we will get humped. The Dutch have a great team, but we have a decent one ourselves.
  11. Hopefully good news about Jamal Lewis then. That makes a big difference to us. No surprises otherwise.
  12. Jack Russell

    Other groups

    I agree. This is an awful concept. Great for the cities involved, but horrendous for fans.
  13. Jack Russell

    Post Mortem

    Few complaints about last night. BPF deserves huge credit. I wouold have given Shayne Lavery more time, but to go toe to toe with a tean like that was something else. Great as the Dutch are they will he extremely wary of our lads.
  14. Jack Russell

    Germany or Holland Result

    A draw would keep it alive.