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  1. South Korea

    I made that mistake myself, compounded by the fact my last job of the day was right beside the foot-bridge to WP. I moved the car thinking that Boucher Rd would be easier to get away from.
  2. South Korea

    That was a decent team NI beat. Both goals were fantastic. There will be a few selection headaches for MON.
  3. Starting XI v South Korea

    That’s a decent side. I would like Carson to play a half too.
  4. Starting XI v South Korea

    I hope not. He is needed for the U21s tonight.
  5. Starting XI v South Korea

    Washington and Boyce up front for me. I have lost faith in Laffs.
  6. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    I’m not reading too much into Grigg’s omission. As a club player this is a crucial part of the season for him. I wouldn’t rule out Wigan getting past the Saints in the FA Cup either which would be a massive accomplishment for them. Again for the end of season tour many more established players are absent.
  7. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    The U21s are doing well. It would be foolish to deprive them of key players now. Is Goss anything more than a rumour?
  8. UEFA considering international leagues

    I got caught on by the groom watching the San Marino game on mine.
  9. UEFA considering international leagues

    That was some game! Stuarty put the keepers shoulder out there.
  10. UEFA considering international leagues

    The last time we played them in the Ernst Heppel Stadium for a competitive game it was about 1/3 full.
  11. UEFA considering international leagues

    Austria would be my target.
  12. UEFA considering international leagues

    Pleased enough. I would have preferred someone other than Bosnia but it could have been worse. The Danes should be chuffed......
  13. South Korea

    I like it.
  14. Central America tour

    Will the IFA get paid this time? Tough opponents. Hopefully we can send over a decent team.