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  1. Jack Russell

    Post mortem

    Was there an issue with Lewis' boots last night? Him and someone else both slipped leading up to the goal?
  2. Jack Russell

    Line up/match thread

  3. Jack Russell

    Line up/match thread

    They look a lot livelier this time. Worrying.
  4. Jack Russell

    Squad formation v Bosnia

    Hard to tell. What we have now is essentially a different team from the WC qualifiers. It had to happen and is still in development.
  5. Jack Russell

    Squad formation v Bosnia

    I don’t know about your front two, but what I do know is we need two up front, so there is really no choice left. Bosnia can’t be as lucky again? Can they? 😯
  6. Jack Russell

    Post Mortem

    We need to go for broke now. Bosnia aren't goid enough to warrant one up front. Grigg to start as he seems to be our biggest goal threat.
  7. Jack Russell

    Starting 11

    I agree. Way too cautious. That's the Nations League f**ked in a decent winable group.
  8. Jack Russell

    Starting 11

    12 minutes for Grigg. Should have been on 20 mins ago.
  9. Jack Russell

    Starting 11

    Decent substitution.
  10. Jack Russell

    Starting 11

    Good work BPF.
  11. Jack Russell

    Starting 11

    Lewis has been a remarkable find. He's already a key player for us after just a few games.
  12. Jack Russell

    Starting 11

    Not getting too far forward.
  13. Jack Russell

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    The worst in some time, and I am including the real minnows in that.
  14. Jack Russell

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    The Jocks were beaten by Israel tonight. Not great for McLeish.
  15. Jack Russell

    Score Predictions

    1 - 1 I think / hope.