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  1. No Use For A Name

    Line up/Match Thread

    Doesn’t Jones give the ball away in the opposition ‘D’ trying to win the game? I agree he was poor and looks like an SPL player at international level. However if Dallas puts it forward or someone else puts in a professional fouls then it prevents the goal I think.
  2. No Use For A Name

    Line up/Match Thread

    Maybe at Dallas? He shouldn’t have tried to be clever. Feels like we were going for the win too much & it’s cost us.
  3. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

    If only we could stick a young David Healy into the current side!
  4. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

    Agree VM. I’m not sure we should dress up inability to finish as bad luck- that’s a Sammy Mac-ism. Perhaps Grigg can be the man. Could do with Lafferty sorting himself out and Big G getting up to standard because we just don’t have goalscorers in the squad. Vassell looks hopeless- 0 goals in the championship merits 2 caps?? The new Sean Webb/ Johnny Gorman?
  5. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

    It’s self harm watching us at the minute
  6. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

    If that’s all Vassell can offer then his inclusion is getting more bizarre by the minute. Jesus, deservedly defeated tbh.
  7. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

    Good foul from Norwood- not sure what Davis was doing!
  8. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

    Thank god for the linesman
  9. No Use For A Name

    Line up/match thread

  10. No Use For A Name

    Starting 11

    Take mcauley and lafferty out of our side and our goal threat is minimal. Only Grigg looks likely really but he doesn’t fit the 1 up top formation.
  11. No Use For A Name

    Post mortem

    Can’t decide if BPF could have done better on the 2nd goal but it was an awful mistake from Cathcart which put him in trouble. The first goal I think Lewis has let his man run past and is the main culprit. It’s fine to say McLaughlin should block the cross but wingers inevitably get a few crosses past the fullback so to have 3 defenders standing still was poor. Bizarre how dominant we were - reminded me a bit of the 1-1 v Azerbaijan a few years ago, the ball just wouldn’t go in the net it seemed. I actually thought Kyle Lafferty was pretty effective in the first half hour - he was a key part of the high pressing but faded. You’d expect him to score his backpost chance in the 2nd half normally- was a strange day I guess! I suppose there is a reason that our players are mainly Championship players - if Dallas made the right pass regularly he’d be playing at a higher level rather than warming the bench
  12. No Use For A Name

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    18 corners! Oh for Big G to have been available! Terrible to lose that given the nature of the goals and our general dominance.