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  1. culchie

    Post Mortem

    Am I the only one getting pissed off with all this talk of a goal drought nonsense. Am pretty sure we scored against Bosnia at home. A whole two matches ago! Whoever started this needs a slap.
  2. culchie

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Right so I still haven't figured out how this whole thing works. If we're relegated from group b3 do we move into c3. Or is there another round of seedings for all the groups at some stage to figure out where we go into the c league groups?
  3. culchie

    Starting 11

    This is the worry, especially with Davis getting very little game time too. Blunts the goal threat significantly. Just don't defend well at the minute. Badly missing the understanding we had between the defenders when McAuley and Brunt where in there. Just hoping it's a bedding in period for Lewis and McNair to get up to speed with international football. Lets not forget it took McAuley a while to adapt too.
  4. culchie

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    We've never had the problem of competition for places before. Nice problem to have. Can't see him replacing the current 3 in the middle at the minute. Great back up off the bench to have. Certainly offers more than Corry and I like Corry. McNair is a big strong lad. He needs to impose himself more on games and he'll be a cracking player. As for him not being a right back I agree. But then I never thought Chrissy Brunt would be one either. Still prefer Conor as rb but he didn't have a great game against Bosnia so Michael probably wanted to assess his back up options. Best to do that in a friendly.
  5. culchie

    Post mortem

    Agree with all of that. 30 mins in I was thinking this is the best I've ever seen us play and how far has Michael taken us. He really has worked miracles. Then the sucker punch. Bit disapointed with Cathcartto be honest. He really has to step up now he's no longer an understudy. Expect premier league defenders to be sharper and more dominant but hopefully this was just a blip. P.s. Prosinecki has let him self go big style!
  6. Bringing my son to his first Northern Ireland game tomorrow and this has made me nervous about the match. Am praying we get a result and get him hooked. 3-1 to us. Lafferty Magennis and Grigg. Come on the green Brazil