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  1. lisbellawloyal

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Reviving of an All-Ireland club competition?
  2. Anyone seen any potential pot seedings websites floating about. Are the results against ROI and Austria at home likely to see our spot in Pot 2 affected severely?
  3. lisbellawloyal

    Post mortem

    There are too many key players not playing enough football. Jevans, McGovern, Big G, Davo and even Laffs before he threw the toys out of the pram. That lack of match sharpness/intensity has been very evident over our last 4 games (except for playing a bloody horrific Israel team)
  4. lisbellawloyal

    Post mortem

    The absence of a goal scoring centre forward has really hurt us over the last three games.
  5. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    That's the one for me. Then we have an outlet on the left through direct dribbling through Dallas and the option of a diagonal ball to Magennis wide right. I quite like Magennis wide right, particularly when their full-backs aren't too defensively minded and small. It then allows him to flick inside or head into box for a Grigg/AN Other. What he was doing on Friday was flicking it on to space, where no one was anywhere near or anticipating
  6. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    When there was a second striker on the pitch and we were pushing numbers forward.
  7. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    They seem to play a 4-2-3-1 which would ensure they have more support for Grigg. Would he have fared any better against the giant Austrian centre halves on Friday. I’d hazard a guess at no. Agree 100% about the abuse Magennis is taking. We’ve had more talented players play in emerald green but no one can doubt Josh giving 100% every time he pulls on the jersey. Some of the crap I’ve read on that ‘Everywhere we go’ Facebook page would nearly make you weep.
  8. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Being a forward is different to a ‘striker’. I’ve watched Gavin at a range of levels over the years and he has always played on the wing. If Boyce had of been fit he may have started with Magennis or Grigg. Not on his own. Josh being an ex-goalkeeper didn’t stop him scoring against Greece at home or setting up the second goal in Lyon. Some of the criticism he has been getting has been quite frankly absurd. I’ve seen dozens of people hammering him on social media.
  9. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Whyte isn’t a striker. Boyce was injured and wasn’t stripped. Grigg cannot play up front on his own. Can’t see where this argument is going.
  10. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Does anyone know if we are in any danger of f**king our rankings/pots due to our results thus far in Autumn 2018?
  11. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    I think M’ON would have been left shocked by Big G’s club situation and how he wasn’t tied up to a contract in July. I’m intrigued to see how we line up on Monday. Defeat and it is relegation for us
  12. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    One up front (particularly Magennis) doesn’t seem to work.
  13. lisbellawloyal

    Starting 11

    Boyce injured - has done very little training
  14. lisbellawloyal

    Starting 11

    Why oh why have we waited for Austria to score before we started moving the ball and putting some effort in?