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  1. South Korea

    Unfortunately money talks
  2. South Korea

    Still looks to be 100s if not close to a 1000 spare seats at present judging by Ticketbastard. Admittedly good to see the 'Railway End' is sold out with families snapping up the tickets.
  3. South Korea

    Robbing Peter to pay for David's first class flight to Bosnia
  4. South Korea

    Still hundreds of tickets available, but sure we need a bigger stadium don't we.....
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    It was the 3-3 draw at home where Alex Manninger went further than the ball into the net as we scored a last minute equaliser at the Kop End in 2004
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    Can't see Austria selling out 50,000 against us. We aren't exactly a big crowd puller. You'd envisage about 4,000 travelling, less so to Bosnia given the travelling issues/difficulties.
  7. South Korea

    Do we still get rag-dolled for handling charges?
  8. South Korea

    You'd envisage IL games being moved en masse to Friday night
  9. I'm a big fan of the SNISC logo on your profile pic(the same thats on the SNISC flag). We started a club from Newbuildings a few years back, we got a guy to design a logo and got t shirts made up, the logo was just a drawing by hand and it does look ok but i'm looking to get it made up proper so it can be made into pin badhes etc, can you or do you know anyone who could help me with thi...

  10. Hi, I've recently became am one of the contributors (oneill) on Slugger O'Toole- my third post was about the Gibson tele Twitter debacle!

    If you think it would help, let me know when the article has gone online and I'll do a post linking in. A few of those who comment on there (and several of my fellow contributors unfortunately) hate us with a vengeance but I don...