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  1. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Does anyone know if we are in any danger of f**king our rankings/pots due to our results thus far in Autumn 2018?
  2. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    I think M’ON would have been left shocked by Big G’s club situation and how he wasn’t tied up to a contract in July. I’m intrigued to see how we line up on Monday. Defeat and it is relegation for us
  3. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    One up front (particularly Magennis) doesn’t seem to work.
  4. lisbellawloyal

    Starting 11

    Boyce injured - has done very little training
  5. lisbellawloyal

    Starting 11

    Why oh why have we waited for Austria to score before we started moving the ball and putting some effort in?
  6. lisbellawloyal

    Starting 11

    That’s been coming. The Davis miss is a big turning point
  7. lisbellawloyal

    Team Formation v Austria

    Grigg won’t start as a lone striker.
  8. lisbellawloyal

    Team Formation v Austria

    4-5-1 - if we had Big G Michael would probably have reverted to a back three. GK - BPF DR - McNair CB - Jevans CB - Cathcart LB - Lewis RM - Jones CM - Cevans CM - Davo CM - Saville LM - Dallas ST - Big Josh
  9. lisbellawloyal

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    O’Neill seems mystified by it by the sounds of it.
  10. lisbellawloyal

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    No thanks.
  11. lisbellawloyal

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    We've two tricky away games and Washington as said above is always a good option away from home. Runs the channels well, helps the team get up the pitch. I'd be severely worried that we will start with Laffs and revert to thumping the ball up to him. For his size he isn't as commanding in the air as he should be. Boyce can't play up top on his own. Ditto Grigg. I'd envisage Magennis will play wide right. These two games are massive, not only for our Nations League campaign, but for our ranking and impact it could have on what pot we are in for December.
  12. lisbellawloyal

    Post mortem

    McGinn and Dallas were good when the initially got the ball. However, their crossing/decision making was abysmal. Too many crosses from too close to the touchline - led to big looping crosses that most goalkeepers would catch in their sleep. Lafferty got very isolated at times. Davis tried to get closer but it wasn't working. BPF had a decent enough outing. Very nervy kick for the first goal, could have shanked it out wide instead of right down to the middle of the pitch. On a minor point - it was very disappointing to see the ground nowhere near capacity for what was and could turn out to be a very important game not only in the Nations League but for seedings going forward. An entire block of the South Stand empty. I dare say once Germany or Spain return we will have the old 'the stadium is too small' nonsense.
  13. lisbellawloyal

    Central America tour

    140 is the total I've been given, which if true is staggering and impressive!
  14. lisbellawloyal

    Central America tour

    Full credit to M'ON for the squad he has put together for this. Really does highlight how enjoyable the experience must be for the players and how they are committed to the manager and most importantly the team. As many have said look at the NW Summer Tour squads and the smattering of IL players that gathered together with a few fringe players from England and Scotland.
  15. lisbellawloyal

    Central America tour

    Another clown who 'follows' our team and think they are being smart