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  1. lisbellawloyal

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Another competition of I’m more worthy of a ticket than you...
  2. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    He’s right footed.....
  3. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Let’s hope the next qualifying draw is a bit kinder. I fear we could have a few retirements come March...
  4. lisbellawloyal

    Other groups

    Given the behaviour of a minority of clowns away and at Windsor genuine supporters have a reason to be seriously concerned
  5. lisbellawloyal

    Germany v Northern Ireland score prediction

    4-1 Germany. Lafferty scores a consolatory goal in injury time
  6. lisbellawloyal

    Bass Drums

    There’s an ever increasing element of scumbags attending games, sort of ‘followers’ who couldn’t tell you the name of the manager who got us to our two last World Cups. Once they f**k off and go back to supporting Engurland we will be fine
  7. lisbellawloyal

    Bass Drums

    Problem being 75% of the Kop stumble in late because they can’t sacrifice one pint to get in early and get behind the team. There were lads beside me stumbling in with 10 minutes played ffs
  8. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Bang on the money. You can choose what club to support but you can’t choose your country
  9. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Agree 100% We booed Ronaldo from start to finish last time he was Windsor. He scored a hat trick and got a standing ovation at the end. Can remember Vidic going off hurt at Windsor and he applauded the Kop on his way towards the old dressing rooms years ago. Club allegiances go out the window when players set foot in our ground.
  10. lisbellawloyal

    Score Prediction - N. Ireland v Holland

    1-1 Magennis late equaliser
  11. lisbellawloyal

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Years ago a missing centre half wouldn’t have been a concern with Big G, Hughes, Cathcart and Evans all there. Flanagan has looked good in flashes but not been thrown in the deep end yet
  12. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    And the RUC band on the half way line. That brings back memories
  13. lisbellawloyal

    Post Mortem

    Perhaps Josh was annoyed he didn’t start but I think Michael got the line up spot on. If we had a Healy in his prime in the line up last night we are all waking up this morning remembering one of the greatest wins in our history. Small margins this sport
  14. lisbellawloyal

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Media reports are linking Unbelievabbubble Jimbo with the role.
  15. lisbellawloyal

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Heard the same....past trips to Belfast have been rewarding on and off the pitch seemingly