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  1. Central America tour

    140 is the total I've been given, which if true is staggering and impressive!
  2. Central America tour

    Full credit to M'ON for the squad he has put together for this. Really does highlight how enjoyable the experience must be for the players and how they are committed to the manager and most importantly the team. As many have said look at the NW Summer Tour squads and the smattering of IL players that gathered together with a few fringe players from England and Scotland.
  3. Central America tour

    Another clown who 'follows' our team and think they are being smart
  4. South Korea

    Parked on one of the side streets off the Lisburn Road facing Malone Road and it was manic about 30 minutes before kick off. First time I've driven in a long time and the only reason I didn't take the train was because of a youth game in the morning which left me tightly squeezed for time.
  5. South Korea

    Walking down the back of the road parallel to the North Stand after the game it was incredible to see so many boys and girls vividly discussing the game with their parents, beaming with pride, skipping down the road pretending to be George Saville. After all the worries and concerns post Switzerland there is an incredible feel good factor around the team once again.
  6. Starting XI v South Korea

    Davis ruled out and doubts over Lafferty, McGinn and Dallas
  7. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Insert Will Grigg absence comment below....
  8. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Worth remembering that the U21s have games at the same time as the senior team. I'd imagine Ian Baraclough will be looking as little disruption to his squad as possible, especially considering they are competitive games.
  9. South Korea

    I do get your point EG but I hope all those 'whingers' that couldn't get tickets for the Germany and Switzerland games got sorted with tickets for South Korea.... I firmly believe that the existing stadium is the perfect size for a team and indeed a nation of our size.
  10. South Korea

    Still 2,000 tickets spare.....sure we need a bigger stadium etc...
  11. South Korea

    Unfortunately money talks
  12. South Korea

    Still looks to be 100s if not close to a 1000 spare seats at present judging by Ticketbastard. Admittedly good to see the 'Railway End' is sold out with families snapping up the tickets.
  13. South Korea

    Robbing Peter to pay for David's first class flight to Bosnia
  14. South Korea

    Still hundreds of tickets available, but sure we need a bigger stadium don't we.....
  15. UEFA considering international leagues

    It was the 3-3 draw at home where Alex Manninger went further than the ball into the net as we scored a last minute equaliser at the Kop End in 2004
  16. UEFA considering international leagues

    Can't see Austria selling out 50,000 against us. We aren't exactly a big crowd puller. You'd envisage about 4,000 travelling, less so to Bosnia given the travelling issues/difficulties.
  17. South Korea

    Do we still get rag-dolled for handling charges?
  18. South Korea

    You'd envisage IL games being moved en masse to Friday night