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  1. McFaggen

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    An old work story... I worked for an American company with offices in England & Germany. A Geordie was on his first business trip to Frankfurt in the 90's so a German colleague picked him up at the airport. As they were driving into the office, the Geordie commented that he wasn't expecting Frankfurt to have so many glassy skyscrapers. "We had an opportunity to redevelop the city 50 years ago, so we took it." was the reply. And people think ze Germans have no sense of humour!
  2. McFaggen

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    All would be decent enough jaunts, particularly as you say would be smallish crowds.Would quite like another jaunt to Slovakia or Czechia, particularly if the game is outside of the big cities.
  3. McFaggen

    Game to be played in Rotterdam

    At the risk of asking a silly question, but is Rotterdam worth a night in? Been to Amsterdam a few times and never really took to the place.
  4. McFaggen


    Can't abide the Scots... would rather have the Taffies or the Limeys every day of the week.
  5. McFaggen

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    It looks like a Munster crest. I suspect that it’s only the top half of the flag*. Likely a provincial crest in each corner & Belfast in the middle as that’s where the owners of the flag are from. * why practically every football flag has to be six feet tall is beyond me. 90% of them end up half missing.
  6. McFaggen

    Score Predictions

    Austria 3-0 Northern Ireland
  7. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    I think the IFA should be making the case with UEFA that we cannot be drawn against them like Spain / Gibralta, Russia / Ukraine, etc. This is based on UEFA coefficient, which is different to FIFA rankings. The ROI are also above us in UEFA rankings, but below us in FIFA rankings if memory serves me correctly. 4,000?! Seriously?! I would be amazed if we brought anywhere near 2,000 to Vienna outside of school holidays.
  8. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Just speculating because we're two places shy? Or based on more?
  9. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    The only way! We've probably lived through most of that experience together...
  10. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    I like your cynicism.
  11. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Are Latvia deliberately trying to ensure they're in League D?
  12. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    The IFA can prevent 'home' tickets going rogue for such a scenario by keeping ticket record purchase history. No history, no ticket.
  13. McFaggen

    UEFA considering international leagues

    That's the FIFA ranking table. I was under the impression that ranking for the Nations League was using an UEFA ranking table?