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  1. McFaggen

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    I'm supposed to be in Yorkshire in April, now looking at the Ferry & hire car to make that happen!
  2. McFaggen

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Airlines probably in a panic at the moment?
  3. McFaggen


    No Dublin option? And besides all of that, are Russia not banned from international sport at the moment?
  4. McFaggen


    No Dublin option?
  5. McFaggen

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Pretty uninspiring selections there to be honest. Austria / Finland or Serbia / NI / Bulgaria or Hungary or Romania would suit me personally.
  6. McFaggen

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    That's my reading of it too.
  7. McFaggen

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    I'd be surprised if the Slovaks didn't sell that for a PO final in Belfast. There are plenty of them in the UK and presumably in the RoI. TV money is centralised anyway.
  8. McFaggen

    Euro2020 Prize Money

    I would have thought the playoffs would have been within the qualification deal.
  9. McFaggen

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Probably because if it wasn’t a dead rubber he reckons he’d be fit enough to play?
  10. McFaggen

    Germany v Northern Ireland score prediction

    Ze Germans keen to impress B team 3-0 Plucky Norn Iron.
  11. McFaggen

    Other groups

    Sounds like a nightmare.
  12. McFaggen

    Bass Drums

    Agree but it gets in the way. Straight before & after the game is awful.
  13. McFaggen

    Other groups

    Is a draw good enough if Slovakia win?
  14. McFaggen

    Bass Drums

    Incredibly slow. Let’s be honest, drums at football is rubbish. They’re meant to be there as accompaniment not the main show.
  15. McFaggen

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    What year was he born?