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  1. purplehaze

    Starting line up v Holland

    We could well see Dallas flip over to LB. Peacock-Farrell Smith-Cathcart-JEvans-Dallas McNair-Davis-Saville Whyte-Magennis-CEvans This is a very tough assignment with some big players missing.
  2. purplehaze

    Post Mortem

    Very proud of their efforts. Truly went for it, pressed them and gave their all. Most of the team played a stormer, just a few below par. Hats off to them.
  3. purplehaze

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Worried and surprised that Corry Evans is warming the bench at Blackburn. Has been a real regular for them up til now.
  4. purplehaze

    Starting 11 v Germany

    I think Jones is a starter. His pace is the X-factor to break open a top team.
  5. purplehaze

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Agree about Dallas. Covers at RB only if Smith and McLaughlin are missing - which is not the case right now. We will need natural defenders big time!
  6. purplehaze

    Post mortem

    Paddy McNair has arrived! Great goal, great performance. What a shift from Washington for 70 mins. Never stopped running and had a couple of decent efforts. Imagine if he gets a good club situation sorted and gets match fit next season. Hope springs eternal.
  7. purplehaze

    Line up V Belarus

    Dallas is a big O'Neill favourite but there's a case for him not starting here - didn't play well in Estonia. Whyte & Jones have the greater pace and Dallas is certainly no fullback.
  8. purplehaze

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Hats off to Washington, Magennis & Jones turning that game around. Boyce had a poor 1st half and it was an inspired call by O'Neill to make the half-time switch to Washington, who played like it was 2016 again. Big Josh is becoming our talisman. Was genuinely impressed by Lewis too - having not been hot on him thus far.
  9. purplehaze

    Squad v Estonia (A) and Belarus (A)

    First and foremost we must be solid defensively so a natural RB plays (probably Smith) and Dallas wide left or right.
  10. purplehaze

    Post Mortem

    Delighted for Magennis & McNair. McNair's set-piece delivery is good on the whole and he has goals in him (him and Saville need to step up in that regard). Dallas is not a natural full back and hopefully McLaughlin can get back 100%. Lewis defensively is still suspect but he's the future at LB. Jones has the obvious X-factor so we'll just need to suffer the 4 times out of 5 that's wasted for the 1 time that works. His kind of quickness can unlock any defence and we're looking at those 4 massive games in the autumn.
  11. purplehaze

    Post Mortem

    Just great to get a win and a clean sheet. Jones is very frustrating for me. Too many times he was carrying the ball towards our defenders instead of turning on a sixpence and being positive. Can see the same XI picked for Belarus.
  12. purplehaze

    Other groups

    This is true, however, it must be said that from a Kazak point of view, they were 3 cracking goals. Clearly, that's the game of their life.
  13. purplehaze

    Squad formation v Estonia

    With all the injuries and players off form, hats off to anyone who calls the correct XI! One person who is in good form and playing regularly is Ferguson, who hasn't got a look-in yet on this thread.
  14. purplehaze

    Squad for Belarus and Estonia at home

    With all the injuries and players off form, hats off to anyone who calls the correct XI! One person who is in good form and playing regularly is Ferguson, who hasn't got a look-in yet on this thread, err, other thread - apologies!
  15. purplehaze

    Squad formation v Estonia

    3-5-2 could be the shout here. Big G's legs have gone but he's still a massive set piece threat and it allows Grigg to be partnered up front. BPF Cathcart McAuley J.Evans Dallas Davis C.Evans Saville Lewis Lafferty Grigg