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  1. purplehaze

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    The biggest plus was probably the quality of McNair's set-piece delivery. The sky is the limit for that guy.
  2. purplehaze

    Starting XI v Israel

    If O'Neill fancies a 3-5-2, he might stick McNair in the back three.
  3. purplehaze

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Bosnia no chance but maybe in the friendly.
  4. purplehaze

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    U21s away to Spain is great experience for those lads so can understand that. Exception is Jamal Lewis as he's the best option at LB. Great to see Grigg back but it's difficult to give all the strikers game time over 2 games (even when one is a friendly). Beyond J.Evans & Cathcart, we are suddenly a bit thin at centre half (love Big G & Hughes but they're each nearly 39).
  5. purplehaze

    Central America tour

    It does have a good balance between old and new. Youngsters getting blooded on a foreign stage with enough quality experience around to (hopefully) avoid any tankings. About Hodson, he's done a solid enough job at RB for us often enough but, as a LB? - no. Delighted for Luke McC as well. Full of potential - seems have been playing centre mid for Doncaster mind.
  6. purplehaze

    Central America tour

    Hopefully McGeehan is 100% on board and not just "trialing" us. Gotta trust Michael on this. Surprised Hughes is there given his retirement talk but he can't collect caps fast enough now! Looking forward to Whyte & (more of) Smyth.
  7. purplehaze

    Starting XI v South Korea

    Carson McLaughlin Hughes J.Evans Lewis C.Evans Norwood Saville McGinn Lafferty Jones Assuming no Davis here. Two rookies (Lewis & Jones) down the left but what the hell, it's a friendly. With guys like Hughes & McGinn playing, it reduces somewhat the number of match-rusty players playing.
  8. purplehaze

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Agree with this. Playing against Spain U21s is great experience. Our U21 first XI is actually pretty strong right now: Peacock-Farrell Dummigan Donnelly Hall Lewis Gorman Thompson McKee Smyth Lavery Kennedy Most of that lot playing regular league football.