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  1. DerekNI

    Starting line up v Holland

    Really is a daunting task this, even more so with Lewis out. Simply can't see how we get anything out of this game ffs
  2. DerekNI

    UEFA considering international leagues

    I have no idea why people wnat the jocks. Last two visits there have been two of the worst aways iv'e ever been to, not to mention the sh*t ground, sh*t team & fans. I'd honestly rather Kosovo than them. Feel the same way about ROI!
  3. DerekNI

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Good shout with Lavery on the left.
  4. DerekNI

    Germany or Holland Result

    Germany win. Keep the gap between us and the dutch.
  5. DerekNI

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Jones is such an idiot if hes wrecked himself for the Germany game, Gerrard is right he was only trying to appease the fans in some way, pointless. I don't really want to or expect to see any of our main men against Luxembourg, for Germany i think: GK. BPF RB. Dallas CB. Evans CB. Cathcart LB. Lewis CDM. C. Evans CM. Davis CM. Saville RW. McGinn LW. Whyte CF. Washington
  6. DerekNI

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Reassuring to know the local press haven't a baldy what they are talking about when it comes to the national team. They had McCauley, Lavery & Lafferty in.
  7. DerekNI

    Germany or Holland

    They wouldn't be fighting us for a play off spot, 2nd get you straight through.
  8. DerekNI

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Head says a nervous 1-0 win heart says 3-0.
  9. DerekNI

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Trying to dig out an eleven who are in some kind of form or playing regularly isn't easy. Especially with us having two games in quick succession. Mcgovern done really well before for us whilst not playing so I could see MON put faith in him again although it could be BPF. Don't think McLaughlin has played much football of late and for that reason I see McNair playing right back with J Evans Cathcart and Lewis making up the back four. No Norwood is a massive blow for us especially with Davis hardly playing this season. Could see Davis being partnered in midfield by Saville and Corry Evans. We'll need a ton of energy from the flanks not sure how fit Dallas is but at least McGinn, Whyte and Smith are playing regularly. Probably go with McGinn right Dallas left with Whyte & Smyth coming off the bench to inject some pace if required. In attack is where I worry most about us right now. More less all our strikers are out of form. Take your pick from Grigg, Boyce Lafferty to lead the attack, probably in that order...
  10. DerekNI

    Campaign Cards

    No payment taken as of yet.
  11. DerekNI

    Campaign Cards

    They take it automatically.
  12. DerekNI

    Game to be played in Rotterdam

    8.45 local time.
  13. DerekNI

    Game to be played in Rotterdam

    The Dutch FA have tweeted this morning our game with them in October will be played in Rotterdam at Feyenoord's stadium. Capicity is 51,000 and it's only an hour on the train from Amsterdam.
  14. DerekNI

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Easyjet really are rats. I booked myself and 2 mates on for Amsterdam for £134 total, same flights are almost £2,000 this morning.