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  1. besty

    Post mortem

    Having possession is no use if we dont do anything with it. We spent too much time passing across the back line without penetration. Bosnia were more than happy with this. Lewis I thought had a good game as did Dallas for his effort - admittedly some balls in were not great but he played well. Good to see Grigg get on and score. Laffs looked tired and returned to falling over when challenged. Ref didnt buy it though. The young keeper will be disappointed but we must not forget the stunning stop he made in the first half, having had nothing to do for yonks and then a deflected ball and a reaction stop. Should have been out of sight in the first half but thats OWC for you! As an aside, total bellend who chucked a bottle in the Kop. Who did he think he was trying to hit - women, kids, Northern Ireland fans? No place for you at the games. Dont drink on an empty head!!