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  1. Jackie


    Aye too much to hope for I guess
  2. Jackie


    When are we likely to know about tickets? Early January?
  3. Jackie

    Black taxi tour recruits

    Would any of you young lads know if there is somewhere I could post it so that the Dutch supporters travelling over might see it? Or could someone post it up for me
  4. Jackie

    Black taxi tour recruits

    Sent you a wee message there
  5. Jackie

    Black taxi tour recruits

    My big Dutch mate is coming over from Rotterdam on Friday for the match. He has booked a black taxi tour for the Friday at about 2pm. At the minute it is just him but it costs £35 for up to 3 then £12 a head after that. Was wondering if anyone else knows some Dutch people coming or if there is anyone who would share with him and save him a few quid. Maybe some locals would fancy doing it (I'm working )
  6. Jackie

    Post Mortem

    Not that much .....sure you never buy a drink Only joking Richard ....thjat's some going mate. Add in your Spurs and Coleraine matches and you'd need a stiff drink if you tot it up
  7. Jackie

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Brilliant effort lads and a good wee sing song in the club after that I think Ze Germans enjoyed . Still not talking to any of the management team mind
  8. Jackie

    Aaron Hughes Tribute?

    You're right. Hope it's not a damp squib. He deserves a good send off
  9. Jackie

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Feck ye Y wee CY! Champions League? .......my ballix!! Bring back Jimbo ...he was unbelievabubble
  10. Is Aaron getting a presentation at half time or something? Think I read it somewhere. Very much deserved
  11. Jackie

    NI Fans Team v Germany Fans Team

    Just waiting on the post man with my call up letter now like a kid at Christmas Stuarty I know you and Silver won't let me down Can anybody lend me a pair of size 11s ....I'm like a coiled spring here
  12. Jackie


    They used to link together the tasty matches with the unfashionable friendlies in a package and make people buy them like that but I guess if they are charging £62.50 for Germany that would be even more extortionate. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask!
  13. Jackie

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    If we did somehow get convolutedly qualified for a play off, when would those matches be? I know I'm a pessimist but would like to keep the dates clear .......just in case
  14. Jackie

    Letsby Avenue

    Prime Ulster beef eye candy!!