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  1. Jackie

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    In London for this one (wouldn't have paid £40 to the FAI and had 2 days off work anyway) I take it Philomena's is the place to watch as usual?
  2. Mate can't go as he has to work. It's in the naughty corner between the Kop and the North Stand Was £22 I think but if you could throw him a tenner he'd be happy enough
  3. Jackie

    Central America tour

    Some fine luckin wimmen about Are hot pants part of the national dress
  4. Jackie

    Central America tour

    Lucky b^st^rd Some razamatazz about this game!
  5. Jackie

    Central America tour

    Great picture though
  6. Jackie

    Central America tour

    The build up started about 3 hours ago! They just interviewed a guy in a Norn Iron shirt who was talking Spanish (or extremely drunk!) I thought the match was starting 20 mins ago :-(. Need some matchsticks for the eyes .....wanted to watch the first half but don't think I'm gonna make it
  7. Jackie

    Central America tour

  8. Jackie

    Central America tour

    What time is the kick off UK time?
  9. Jackie

    South Korea Match Predictions

    If you back it in the bookies .....yes
  10. Will take £20 for it. Can meet in town or at ground. Get in touch if you interested
  11. Jackie

    Spare ticket for the North Stand

    Yes. Contact on 07988799375
  12. Jackie

    South Korea Match Predictions

    He'll feck oul Trump up He'll feck out Trump up Kim Jung-un He'll feck oul Trunp up