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  1. Taz

    Other groups

    That really could be the match that people book and travel and don't get it. Let's hope ticketing arrangements can be done well in advance (if it happens) so people know where they stand
  2. Taz

    Other groups

    Didn't work out well for them last time 😀
  3. Taz

    Other groups

    I'd rather avoid another trip to Sarajevo, great place though it was
  4. Taz

    Gigs On

    Did mean to post this in the away travel section!
  5. Taz

    Gigs On

    For anyone wanting some time out of the bars in Rotterdam and Amsterdam there are couple of good gigs on this week. Marc Almond in Utrecht tonight, The Selecter in Dam on Friday night. I've tickets for Friday night and will probably jump on a train to Utrecht tonight. If you need to ask who these are then don't bother 😁
  6. Taz

    Score Prediction v Holland

    1 less than last time, 5 nil
  7. Taz

    Germany or Holland Result

    Settle for a draw now!
  8. Taz

    Germany or Holland Result

    Suits us for then to score the pen but that's t ridiculous, football has gone mad
  9. Taz

    Germany or Holland Result

    Frig sake could this go any worse, Germans lose this they will be up for a win on Monday plus we'll probably have beat a very good Dutch team twice 😪
  10. Taz

    Germany or Holland Result

    They didn't look too good on the defensive side for the goal 🤑
  11. Taz

    Germany or Holland Result

    That Dutch team looks strong(er)
  12. Taz


    I've been to many many worse friendlys than tonight , good to see some of those players who appeared and I thought it was an ok game with surprisingly good crowd and even some atmosphere, and we won 👍
  13. Yeh others have alluded to it there since, definitely a personal issue and nothing to do with MON !!
  14. The larest rumours on the Grigg situation explains a lot. If true!!
  15. Taz

    Campaign Cards

    double post.