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  1. Central America tour

    Costa Rica was featured on Holidays Unpacked, Ch4 last Monday, probably still on catch up. Mainly featured activities outside the City. Filmed October 17 while still in the rainy season !
  2. Starting XI v South Korea

    Yeh they have Smyth and Lavery in there now.
  3. Starting XI v South Korea

    Definitely does, I'm not bothered about these pull outs at all
  4. Most of those possibles from the u21s will stay with the u21s rather than in senior squad. Michael will probably then have the ones up for a training session or something who are likely tofeature in the central America trip when presumably there won't be any u21s games. He may even tell them they will be included in that next squad.
  5. South Korea

    There is space but think they'll only be the one game in this window and probably some squad time. No mention of a second game
  6. March Friendlies?

    Said in the paper yesterday the IFA planned to announce a home March friendly in the next few weeks. (19th to 27th March)
  7. Central America tour

    emmm, might have to give this a miss. Will look closer after Christmas. That's great info anyway.
  8. How are they going to fit in 6 matches between September and November. And if promotion and relegation is used how does that work alongside coefficient/rankings, what if a team does not get promotion but separately has shot up the rankings. Crazy idea the whole thing.