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  1. Taz

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I'm considering going somewhere else also, was keen to go to The Hague if we had got a fixture during the summer season as it apparently is a great spot. October will be a bit off season
  2. Taz

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I see a few people booking that riga route, don't think I even looked for that, just flying tallinn to villnius and will train it from there, should be handy and very cheap flight. We need some new travel forums opened 😊
  3. Taz

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I got Belfast to Amsterdam to Stansted to Belfast for about the same
  4. In the BT again? I'm going to email also, it's a joke this and these sort of fake stories just then get repeated. I'm going to copy IFA they should be asking for a retraction
  5. Taz

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Some of us had the misfortune of attending the 6 : 0. 😟
  6. How can they say sectarian singing throughout, I didn't hear any !!
  7. Like others on here, I was really surprised to enjoy the trip. I hadn't wanted to go really, feared we could not possibly come out of it well. Both on and off the pitch great performance and really showed what good place we are in now. No doubt there is still very small number of or fans who under the right circumstances would let us down, even they must know they are an antiquated minority. ie. The three pricks who tried to start the sash near the end !!
  8. It was very loud being there, couldn't hear the band
  9. All smooth for us, we were there at 3:30 and not too many fans there by then, all seemed well organised. Even know someone who forgot their voucher but got sorted out by logging into their account on their phone at the ticket tent
  10. Nope, don't believe so. I've given details before also but I don't think they keep this apart from the lead booker details.. For our bigger group which was left after some of us split away they don't have the names, they were not supplied or asked for as far as I know
  11. It was a good plan to have people present campaign cards and id but the one big flaw being the IFA still don't keep a list of all campaign card holders names. I can't understand any reason why they won't do this. Back to the euro 2016 tickets they had this info, why was this not maintained and refreshed each campaign. Therefore there will be potential headers / non CC holders / people who have never been to any match, at this game!
  12. I was kindof thinking there would be parking at that ticket pick up place, perhaps even a park n ride would be sensible idea. Guess that might be too sensible or it's just a sht area
  13. Taz

    Campaign Cards

    Same here ?
  14. Taz

    Campaign Cards

    Just got same email you did, cheers. Weird, at lunchtime they didn't appear to have a clue what was happening! Maybe I reminded them to get their finger out !!