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  1. jcd

    Central America tour

    ... has set-up and scored goals that helped get us to the second round of the Euros and qualify for the World cup play-offs!
  2. jcd

    South Korea

    Thing is, I don't think Norwood even touched the ball while this happened!
  3. jcd

    South Korea

    It was very noticeable as we played out from the back in the second half that McAuley and Evans moved very wide, Lewis and McLaughlin pushed upfield and Norwood was standing deeper than anyone at centre back! Had me worried ?
  4. That was another Worthy masterclass in man management. Mannus was called up for the 2010 summer tour which was in the middle of Rovers' league season. They had a discussion and Worthington apparently assured Mannus that if he withdrew he understood and that it would not harm his international future. He wasn't called up again by Nige.
  5. Match programmes can be downloaded from here. http://digital.irishfa.com/ Can't see anything relevant in the Swiss programme though
  6. General wondering, will they loosen the number of subs that can be used in these "glorified friendlies", maybe make it 5 instead of 3 or some such?
  7. Ah ok. Can't find that detail then
  8. Shan, Once again really appreciate your fundraising efforts. Everything added online now. Happy to say the team passed our fundraising goal with a total to date of £2238.73!

    Cheers, Jonny

  9. aubsni

    hi jcd,

    could i send u a chq for 10 wristnbands?